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‘Yoga’ Your Way to Good Health

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Yoga Your Way to Good HealthWhat is Yoga, precisely?

In essence, it’s a series of postures and positions that started in ancient India. The word “yoga” stands for “union” in ancient Sanskrit. The unity pertains to the mind, body and spirit being in harmony.

The practice of Yoga, which involves the combination of exercise, breathing, and meditation, is supposed to help harmonize these fundamental aspects of the human being.

What Disorders Does Yoga Mend, and How?

According to a Yoga Biomedical Trust survey conducted in the eighties, Yoga has genuine health benefits. Here are a few of the troubles Yoga is reported to help cure.

* Asthma - Yoga’s focus on slow, deep breathing is exceedingly useful for those suffering from asthma. Yoga likewise relieves the anxiety frequently connected with asthma attacks. Other respiratory disease’s, including bronchitis and emphysema, have also been improved through the practice of Yoga.

* High blood pressure – Because Yoga teaches relaxation and allows for regular exercise, it bears a positive effect on high blood pressure. There have even been reports of folks being capable of going off their high blood pressure medicine totally after practicing Yoga.

* Back pain – Regrettably, back pain is all too common. Yoga could help this greatly. The stances help line up the spine, and heighten flexibility and muscle strength. Stress takes on a role in back pain, as it increases muscle tension. Yoga’s stress-relief techniques address this aspect of back pain, as well. Even the breathing exercises of Yoga help back pain through the particular motions of the ribs, chest, and stomach.

* General pain – Yoga is stated to help the brain deal with pain – it seemingly taps into the pain regulating center of the brain and stimulates the secretion of the body’s innate pain killers (like endorphins). Just relaxing muscle tension and meditation – both facets of Yoga – may help relieve pain, as well.

* Prevention - Yoga boosts self-awareness. Being able to “tap into” your body’s signs and signals can extend a long way toward detecting and forestalling illness. Yoga practitioners are said to acquire a sense of concord and unity amongst the body systems, and once one of these systems is off-balance, a Yoga practitioner is likely to be mindful of that imbalance earlier.

* Depression - Better sleep, improved energy level, and a more favorable outlook are all benefits claimed by those who practice Yoga. All of those things help ease clinical depression.

* Arthritis - Not surprisingly, this joint-stretching, body-aligning exercise helps ease arthritis. Yoga helps unwind muscles and gently increments your joints’ range of motion.

* Thyroid troubles – Yoga can have a favorable effect on the thyroid, including thyroid cancer. Yoga’s “guided imagery” or visualization techniques aid sufferers of thyroid disease by stimulating your body’s own ability to mend.

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