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Why do Joints Hurt More in Cold Weather?

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What is it that your grandma used to say? It appeared that she could predict icky weather merely by rubbing her knee or her elbow joint. So, is there a correlation between bad weather and bad joints?

It seems like an old wives’ tale but is it really? What are some of the reasons why a joint will ache? Arthritis is a term that’s used to describe joint pain. It’s an inflammation of various joints in the body. This may be either hereditary (rheumatoid arthritis), due to injury, physical activity or age.

Joints are cushioned by fluid lubricant and cartilage at the ends of bones. To assure that the joint moves through the right range of motion, ligaments and tendons keep the bones in appropriate proportion to one another.

Certain activities or movements may alter that orientation and result in joint pain. Deficiency of lubrication, contact between bones and wearing down of cartilage may lead to the anguish of arthritis.

So how do you control your anguish? It may be medicine, exercise, diet or even a natural cure you’ve heard about. But, you might still have a flare-up in frigid weather.

Here’s why. Frigid weather has the tendency to slow things down. Think about candy over heat. As long as the heat is applied, the candy is able to be molded and shaped. When it gets frigid, it’s more likely to break when you attempt to manipulate it.

The same can be said of your joints. Once the weather becomes frigid, it’s harder to move joints than before. Muscles may stiffen up, making it even harder to manage every day activities. Even to move your muscles and joints may lead to inflammation.

When inflammation is involved, you have swelling. Swelling can make a joint tough to move. This is frequently felt by arthritis sufferers when the barometric pressure falls.

What can you do if you have arthritis? Here are a couple of tips to prevent anguish during the wintertime months.

* Stay warm – If you plan on exercising in cooler weather, perform your warm-up indoors. That way, your muscles are more flexible and prepared to move once you step outside. Also, dress as warm as you are able to. Layer your clothing so that you are able to hold the warmth in and prevent stiffening.

* Try some new therapies – Ask your physician about what you are able to do to manage frigid weather. Intensifying your physical therapy or taking supplements may increase the lubrication in your joints and shrink inflammation. You’ll likewise be able to manage your every day activities.

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