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Why Am I Bleeding Between Periods

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A normal menstrual period occurs every 21 to 32 days and will last for between four and seven days. Unfortunately some women experience breakthrough bleeding between periods, or spotting between their normal periods. This spotting can last for a couple of hours to a couple of days depending upon the reason behind the condition.

Whether it’s the first time you’re experiencing irregular bleeding between periods or just another month of spotting, it can be frustrating and lead to concerns about what could be wrong. While there may be several common reasons for breakthrough bleeding or an irregular menstrual cycle, it is important for women to seek the advice of their gynecologists or primary care physician in order to rule out causes of irregular menstruation which may be more dangerous.

For some women their first thought is that they have developed uterine cancer. When there is a cancerous growth on the uterus, there is usually spotting or breakthrough bleeding between periods. However, uterine cancer is far more rare than other more common conditions which increase the likelihood of experience an irregular menstrual cycle.

For most women however, there is a simple explanation. Menstrual periods are controlled by hormonal surges in the body and these hormonal surges are influenced by the amount of stress a woman is experiencing at any specific time during her day or month. Stress is a much more common cause of breakthrough bleeding between periods or irregular menstruation.

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are another reason women may experience spotting, an irregular menstrual cycle, or breakthrough bleeding. Women who had intrauterine contraceptive devices are also at greater risk for a uterine infection or irritation of the uterus that will cause breakthrough bleeding between periods.

Some women may have abnormalities of the cervix or uterus that can cause unusual bleeding between periods. The gynecologist will take a cervical smear and arrange for a pelvic ultrasound examination to determine if there are any structural abnormalities that are causing breakthrough bleeding.

Women who have fibroid tumors may also experience breakthrough bleeding or irregular menstruation. Fibroid tumors are benign tumors that can range from the size of a dime to the size of a small soccer ball. These tumors are filled with blood and tissue, and on occasion parts of the tumor die and are sloughed off in the middle of the month.

Women who have fibroid tumors will oftentimes experience menstrual cramping or pelvic pain both during menstrual periods or during sexual intercourse.

Some women can experience breakthrough bleeding between periods if she has a low progesterone level which controls the build up of endometrial tissue in the uterus.

A spontaneous abortion can also cause breakthrough bleeding or an irregular menstrual cycle as well as hormonal fluctuations or starting and stopping or missing oral contraceptive pills. Some women who have low thyroid levels will experience irregular menstruation because the thyroid hormone has a role in the hormonal control of the reproductive system.

For the most part vaginal infections will cause symptoms, but in some women they will go undiagnosed. These undiagnosed vaginal infections can cause bleeding from the vagina as opposed to from the uterus, but will mimic spotting in the middle of the month.

Certain drugs that a woman takes will also cause breakthrough bleeding between periods or an irregular menstrual cycle, such as anticoagulant therapy. And some women who undergo GYN procedures will experience spotting or irregular menstruation.

Women should keep a menstrual calendar to show their physicians, who can then use this information to help determine an accurate diagnosis and therefore a successful treatment protocol.

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