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When Dietary Supplements for PMS Do Not Work

[29 Nov 2010 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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If you suffer from PMS and have actually discussed the condition with your doctor, the odds are good that you were urged to increase your intake of certain dietary supplements, such as magnesium, calcium, vitamins E and D, and maybe even some evening primrose oil.

You may have followed this regimen faithfully now for two to three months, but rather than helping you with your PMS, things might actually have gotten worse. This most likely leaves you wondering what to do when dietary supplements for PMS do not work. Fortunately, there are still plenty of answers.

* It is clinically proven that PMS is caused by hormonal changes and imbalances which occur during the time in the menstrual cycle immediately preceding menstruation. Thus, physicians have found that the simplest way of regulating the monthly hormonal flux is with the use of oral contraceptives.

Even low dose versions of the pill are considered highly effective in leveling out some of the more bothersome hormonal fluxes and their expression in PMS. While this may not completely eradicate PMS, it can go a long way to greatly reducing its severity. Since oral contraceptives are prescription medications, a doctor does need to prescribe them.

* Diuretics may be used to counteract water weight gain, but these pills do precious little to deal with any of the other symptoms. It is important to recognize that these water pills are only a good option if the bloating is so severe as to cause pain or significant discomfort.

* Anaprox, an anti-inflammatory drug that does not rely on steroids, has long since been used to help with the relief from painful cramping during menstruation; it is now indicated as also providing help for PMS, specifically cramping and joint pain. Physicians will usually suggest that you take only the very lowest dose possible, and they report great successes with this strategy.

* For severe cases of PMS induced depression, anxiety or anger management problems, there may be a need for psychotropic drugs. This is a matter of last resort and is usually only attempted when all other means of counteracting the condition fail or show only marginal success. Antidepressants at low doses during the time that PMS is anticipated has shown to take the edge off the worst of the depressive periods, but it does little to actually help with the physical problems.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that PMS sufferers can do to find some much needed relief from the aches, pains, and also emotional ailments that PMS seems to present to them on a continuous basis.

Although medicines are usually not what sufferers want to reach for right away, it is good to know that they are available and have shown promise in counteracting one or more symptoms related to PMS. Discuss any such concerns and considerations with your physicians. Remember that only your doctor can help you decide which medications are safe to try and which may interfere with other drugs you are taking or physical conditions that might limit effectiveness.

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