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Ways to Treat Mastitis Naturally


If you’ve ever breastfed your child, then you know that there can be issues that arise. One of those issues is mastitis. It can be painful and alter your breastfeeding experience with your child. But, there are ways to treat it.

Mastitis is an often painful condition where the milk ducts in the breast are clogged. The ensuing infection can leave a mother with flu-like symptoms and feeling too tired to continue breastfeeding. While the condition is distressing, the milk is still okay for baby even with this infection.

When it comes to treatment options, reach for your grandmother. Before they were treating this condition with medications but were unsure of the results, more natural remedies were used to give the mother comfort.

A doctor may want to prescribe antibiotics, but in light of the fact that you are nursing, it might be a last resort. But, it is not the only thing that you can do. Here are some natural treatments to try:

* Breastfeed more often – Continuing to feed can help the infection run its course faster. It is not pleasant for you but encourage your baby to latch on as much as they can to help unclog the ducts. Even if they don’t want to drink a lot in the beginning, use a breast pump to completely empty the breast after each feeding.

* Cover your breasts in warmth – Heating pads may burn, but you can take a warm shower as hot as you can stand. Massage the breast tissue at the same time. The warm water can assist in removing clogs from your milk ducts.

* Try cold compresses – These are not your normal cold compresses either. Use a cold head of cabbage. Many women have found this remedy to work for them. After the cabbage is sufficiently chilled, remove a leaf and cover the affected breast. This technique can soften the tissue and bring pain relief. For engorgement, you can try putting a little camphor on the leaf before applying to help with pain relief and release the milk easier.

* Use garlic – Garlic, along with other vegetables in the allium family, contain antibiotic properties. Instead of a prescription remedy, eating garlic can help to clear up the infection in your breast. The milk may have a slightly unpalatable taste to your baby for a little while, but you will feel better and the garlic won’t hurt them.

* Boost your immune system – There are many natural ways to enhance your immunity to fight infections and prevent future incidents of mastitis. Consume vitamin C. you can eat lots of citrus fruit or take a supplement. Drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can also boost the immunity and fight infection.

Check with your doctor before using natural remedies to be sure they don’t interfere with any other medications you are taking or will harm baby. You can find relief, continue bonding with baby and avoid traditional treatments by using natural remedies to treat mastitis.

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