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Ways to Last Longer During Sex

[7 Feb 2012 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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What is the number one thing most men want to do in bed – and most women wish they would do? The answer is easy – last longer. Lasting longer during sex is something both men and women want, but for a lot of guys, it can be a tall order. The good news is that there are many things you can do to last a little longer in the bedroom and increase the pleasure for both you and your partner.

The first thing to know about premature ejaculation is that it happens to every guy sometime. Dont be ashamed to get a little help. There are a few basic rules of sex that can help prolong your pre-ejaculation time, and if those dont do the trick, there are training steps you can take to increase your stamina in the bedroom.

First, consider a position change. Any position that requires the man to hold himself up, like the missionary position, is tough a mans ejaculation control. If you swap places and go woman on top, you will have much more control over when you ejaculation.

Next, make some noise. Those moans and groans are a way of relaxing during sex and becoming more comfortable. When you are relaxed, you last longer, so groan away while you are making love.

Go for the foreplay. Women like that stuff for a reason – because they thing sex shouldnt be all about the genitals. When you make sex an experience for the entire body, you take a whole lot of performance anxiety off of your penis. Make intercourse part of your sex routine, not the entire routine itself, and when it comes time to have intercourse, you will have more control over your ejaculation.

Dont be afraid to try out some penile creams that are designed to help you last. However, keep in mind that these creams in essence numb the penis, and you will pay a price in enjoyment. Also, using these creams wont help you with your longer term problem. If you need extra help controlling your ejaculation, consider using the start and stop method.

The start and stop method is a training program that starts with you learning your climax clues through masturbation. Start out by masturbating every day, without using a lubricant. Key in to your bodys signals – learn every single sign that ejaculation is on the way. Once you know all of your ejaculation signals, begin to stop masturbating when you feel ejaculation coming on. Stop for at least 15 seconds, breathe to calm down, and the re-start masturbation until you climax.

Repeat this process until you can start, come close to climax, stop and calm down, and then excite yourself again six times in a single masturbation session. Once you can do that, you can learn to repeat this process masturbating with lubricant. When you can have this kind of control when you are masturbating with lubricant, you can move on to using this technique with your partner.

Control takes hard work, but with practice and a supportive partner, youll be in bed longer in no time.

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