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You’re peacefully sleeping when suddenly a sharp pain interrupts your dreams. You’re about to make the catch of a lifetime for your baseball team when something more than mild discomfort ricochets throughout your body.

You’re temporarily paralyzed and even the slightest movements hurt.

Leg cramps

Often leg cramps strike out of nowhere, without warning and can be impossible to relieve. Being such a common, rampant problem, it seems as though everyone’s mother, grandmother, gym teacher and doctor has their own home-grown secrets to remedy the pain of leg cramps, but do they really work?

Below are three natural methods my family and I have used for years to successfully stop leg cramps in their tracks.


The wonders of this magical yellow fruit never cease to amaze me. Containing high amounts of potassium, bananas help cure leg cramps by depleting potassium deficiencies—a leading cause of these painful muscle spasms. If experiencing an intense cramp, it’s a good idea to eat a banana as soon as possible. To ensure continued relief, it’s a good idea to eat bananas regularly.


If you are seeking leg cramp relief and happen to be out of bananas, don’t leave your kitchen just yet. Another great option is to quickly ingest some mustard. It may not sound the most appetizing or easiest thing to swallow on its own, but experts believe the combination of the turmeric and vinegar is the key to delivering instant relief from leg cramps.

My grandmother has sworn by this for years and never lets my grandfather go to sleep without a packet of mustard by his bed.

Soap Under the Sheets

The last, most surprising remedy for leg cramps is to place a bar of soap under the sheets on your mattress. No specific brand or consistency is required, just any old, generic bar of soap will do. It sounds crazy, I know, and what’s worse is no one can explain why it works, but all I can say is it does.

My WHOLE family uses this secret now and our leg cramps are GONE. I wish I understood the science behind it, or for all I know it’s just the placebo effect at play, but regardless we are pain free and it’s great.

No Harm in Trying

Even if you are the biggest skeptic in the world, you truly have nothing to lose—except, of course, some inconvenient pain —by trying these tricks for leg cramps.

If the promise of pain-free days isn’t enough, look at it this way. The more you proactively take care of your body the more it gives back to you. A healthy body is less prone to illness and injury, which means fewer trips to the doctor and possibly even lower health insurance quotes. Obviously this varies by provider, but by and large adjusters prefer clients who are already fairly healthy.

So why, not? There’s no harm in trying.

How to Naturally Relieve Leg Cramps

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This remedy contains a selection of homeopathic remedies known to address muscle spasms and cramping in the leg and calf (also known as a “charlie horse”).

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