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Taking Vitamins for ADD Treatment


ADD Treatment

ADD treatmentThe role of vitamins cannot be denied in the proper growth and development of children, as well as in ADD treatment. We all study the issues and problems that specific vitamin deficiency can cause and probably have learned that vitamin A is good for the eyes, deficiency in vitamin C causes scurvy and deficiency in vitamin B causes beriberi.

But not many of us know that a vitamin deficiency can cause many other issues as well and that vitamin therapy is very useful and effective in ADD treatment.

There are some studies that show that adequate amounts of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine are required to allow for normal brain development in children.Vitamin B ensures that brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are synthesized so that normal development of the brain can occur.

A study proved that pyridoxine is more helpful than the most common stimulant that is used for brain disorders in certain cases. However, the issue is that these results were no significant and have not been replicated enough for it to be considered standard ADD treatment.

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry state that a megavitamin therapy that involves vitamins in excess of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) can help in learning disabilities and hyperactivity and is a valid ADD treatment. This is why.

ADD and ADHD are probably caused due to low levels of the chemical dopamine. This is the brain neurotransmitter that allows people to feel good. It also activates the frontal lobes in the brain. Since the frontal lobe is the seat of most feelings, sensory perception and executive functions, it can be expected that when dopamine levels are low, they will cause a person to be unfocussed and distracted.

To make dopamine, the enzymes made from DNA convert tyrosine and phenylalanine into L-DOPA in the presence of folic acid, Vitamin B3 and iron. A second enzyme converts L-DOPA into dopamine if adequate vitamin B6 is available. This dopamine converts to norepinephrine in the presence of vitamin C.

Dopamine deficiency can be cause by the environment, inadequate nutrition intake, food and air allergies, stress and genetic predisposition. And therefore given that the vulnerability of getting dopamine deficiency is high in the current environment of pollution, stress and junk food, it is pertinent that an adequate amount of vitamins be ingested for prevention and possible cure of child ADHD treatment as well as adult and child ADD treatment.

Though herbal ADD treatment is also an option that you could choose among others like naturopathy and medication, intake of vitamin does not harm anyone. However, what should be kept in mind is that excessive amounts of vitamin intake should be done under the supervision of a trained physician or a nutritionist.

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ADD Treatment

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