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You May Not Know About Your Rare Sleep Disorder

Many people who have a rare sleep disorder aren’t even aware of their condition. After all, the activity involved with the sleep disorder whether it is wandering around, eating, acting out aggressively often occur while the person is asleep, so unless they piece the clues together they may not even realize that they have a […]

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All Fired Up! Menopause Hot Flashes Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

A hot flash makes a woman feel like her upper body is suddenly becoming warm, but particularly so from the neck up. Hot flashes are often accompanied by other symptoms including sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, flushed appearance and dizzy spells. Sometimes menopause hot flashes are accompanied by sweating in the middle of the night. These […]

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Diagnosing, Fighting Migraines

A migraine is a headache in a class of its own. Migraine headaches can cause incredible amounts of pain and cause you to miss out on big chunks of life. When a migraine appears, it can stick around for four to 72 hours and causes a host of symptoms including purging, nausea, sensitivity to lights […]

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Causes and Treatment for Insomnia

What is insomnia and is it a sleeping disorder? To answer these questions you need to know what a sleeping disorder is and what does it mean when someone has insomnia. When someone is said to have insomnia they have a condition in which they are having difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep. Individuals […]

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Bulimia and Kidney Infection

Bulimia is characterized by people who experience episodes of binge eating or feeling a lack control over an eating episode and recurrent inappropriate behaviors to prevent weight gain twice a week for at least 3 months. Many boys and girls suffer today from eating disorders, which include bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. All of these […]

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Learn how to use herbs for insomnia

Insomnia is often mistaken for a disease. It is actually a symptom of some other ailment. The natural fall out of this fact is that treating the condition that is implicitly causing insomnia will automatically cure sleeplessness. For example by treating depression you are most likely to be cured of the accompanying sleep problems too. […]

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Paradoxical Insomnia

When people think of sleep disorders they most commonly think of insomnia, a problem characterized by the sufferer not being able to get the kind of sleep he would like. Sometimes the issue may be not falling asleep easily, while other people will wake up before they want to and not be able to get […]

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Drugs and Sleep Disorders

People who have sleep disorders – whether rare or quite common – know how frustrating it can be to not get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it is true that the rarer the sleep disorder, the less that is known about it, and therefore treatment may be ineffective or hard to come by. Many people […]

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Are You SAD? Help for Your Seasonal Affective Disorder

While autumn can be a beautiful and anticipated time of year for some, for many it can be somewhat melancholy, bringing about a change in mood as the season shifts. As daylight hours shorten, as many as 1 in 3 Americans notice increased feelings of lethargy and sadness, as well as a decreased number of […]

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Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

More than anything else, the side effects that accompany conventional drugs have been the reason behind the marked shift in the general approach towards treatment. The long list of warnings that accompany drugs for serious ailments has helped in the resurgence and acceptance of herbal remedies. Treating depression and the various symptoms like insomnia that […]

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