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How to Naturally Help Acute Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. It is commonly used to imply disorders that are caused due to acute bacterial infection and chronic pain syndromes. Characterized by pain in the general region between the anus and the genital organs, it is often accompanied by irregular urination, impotence, painful ejaculation and low back pain. […]

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When a Man Has An Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate is a common condition in older men. There are various symptoms that a man with an enlarged prostate may experience and all of the symptoms involve problems with or changes in urination. Typically the prostate enlarges as a man ages and you may hear of several different terms to describe this condition […]

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Anal Fissures โ€“ What Causes Them?

An anal fissure is simply a cut or a tear in the skin surround and within the rectum. The most common cause of an anal fissure is trauma to the anus, and anal canal. Most people can distinctly remember when the pain started, and when they first had an anal fissure. In some cases an […]

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Natural Solutions For Urinary Problems

If you’ve had a bladder infection, you know that pain can be all-consuming during the acute stage. Bladder infections are very common in women. One in five American women will have at least one urinary tract infection in her life. Of those, 20% will have another; 30% of those will have a third. An astounding […]

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Learning About Male Incontinence

There is actually one problem far greater in the severity that men would rather not admit to other than not being able to get an erection. For many men that is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine and is actually a symptom of an underlying medical condition and not a disease […]

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What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is an inflammation, or an infection, of the prostate glands. The prostate glands is an organ approximately the size and shape of a walnut. It is located just below the bladder and wraps around the urethra in males. Is responsible for producing semen, which is the fluid that helps to nourish and transport sperm. […]

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Natural prostate relief therapy

Prostate enlargement like menopause and hypermetropia (inability to see near objects) is a middle age problem. The prostate is a male gland that practically doubles its size during puberty due to certain changes in the male hormone testosterone. As the gland increases in size it starts putting pressure on the urethral canal leading to problems […]

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Dr Whiting on Prostate Health and Inflammation

Prostate inflammation, leading to restricted urination, bladder & kidney infections and other complications, is the number one reason why men over 50 visit their medical doctors. Currently there are three medications used for this problem and they are only about 35 to 40 percent effective. They have considerable side effects in many users as well. […]

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Prostate Cancer: The Man Killer

Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer, which plagues millions of women. Fortunately, a little precaution can reduce the dangers of prostate cancer, and might even help save your life. It is crucial for men to pay attention to their health, especially as they age. Prostate cancer is the third major cause of […]

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Understanding Prostate Disorders

It is not unusual in middle age for men to experience non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate or enlargement of the prostate due to cancerous growth, or they may experience both of these scenarios. If a male is experiencing an enlarged prostate he may have the following early symptoms: ยท    Urine flow that is slow or […]

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