The Symptoms of Herpes

Although the initial symptoms of herpes zoster include a tingling, itching and burning pain or extreme sensitivity that is usually limited to one side of the body along with a light fever and malaise, these symptoms of herpes can very often be linked to other disease conditions as well.

Symptoms of herpes zoster therefore, need a more critical approach. Clinical presentations of hyperesthesia, paresthesia, etc. during the predronal stage (which is basically the early stage of the disease) of herpes zoster are often misdiagnosed as cardiac problems, pleurisy, herniated nucleus pulpossus, etc. And this makes the issue complex.

The early symptoms of herpes zoster in the human body include a burning pain (also referred to as the St. Antony’s Fire), itching, extreme sensitivity limited to one side of the body that lasts for about three days. After this the initial zoster rash appears on the skin. These are invariably accompanied by fever and a relentless headache that can turn people roving mad.

Then comes the crucial time of blister formation that somewhat resemble the chickenpox rash of a younger age. The blisters persist for two to three very painful weeks, their contents varying in color from pale yellow to blood red. After the painful blisters have taken their toll, the crusts start forming, suggesting a respite from all the pain and the discomfort of the disease.

But no, things may yet turn for the worse in some cases where the pain continues for several weeks after the crusting of the zoster blisters. Such cases are referred to as Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN), and when this happens, the condition becomes complicated and it becomes difficult to manage.

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Symptoms of herpes zoster in elderly patients include acute facial palsy, vertigo, loss of hearing, blurred vision, delirium and meningismus along with a high fever and severe headache. When at some stage, the symptoms of herpes zoster and herpes simplex seem to overlap, laboratory testing is required to differentiate between the two.

The following are yet more symptoms of herpes that a person may come across in daily life…

• Unusual swelling of lymph nodes
• Vision abnormalities
• Taste abnormalities
• Drooping eyelids (Ptosis)
• Loss of eye motion
• Hearing loss
• Pain in the joints
• Pain in the abdominal area
• Dysgeusia
• Loss of sensation in several areas of the body
• Both mental and physical fatigue

Since herpes can cause several problems with the eye and the surrounding skin, inflammation of the conjunctiva and iris usually occur, causing conjunctivitis and iritis. And in some severe cases, the retina and the optic nerve may also get affected. Chronic outbreaks of herpes zoster are associated with glaucoma, cataract, double vision and scarring of the cornea.

Symptoms of Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) in the herpes disease may also include…

• Anorexia
• Lethargy
• Depression
• Loss of libido
• Suicidal tendencies

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