Stuffed or Starved – Can’t Find Middle Ground

Mental Edge Monday Topic #22: Stuffed or Starved – Can’t find middle ground We’ve talked in previous posts about nutrition, hydration, fasting, mini-meals, 50-year diets, and other everyday eating habits. I still can’t seem to get it right, though. I need help.  Theoretically, most people would agree that it’s a good practice to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version as to why this is the case: Much of the food we eat is converted to blood sugar (or glucose), which is used by the cells of our body for energy. Too much (or little) glucose in our bloodstream leads to complications. Our blood sugar levels are linked primarily to two things: the types and amounts of food we eat, and our body’s ability to create and use insulin, a hormone that transports blood sugar into our body’s cells. Without going into great detail on the ramifications of wild swings in our blood sugar (we’ll leave that for another post), let’s agree that it’s better to have a nice, steady, even flow of glucose in our bloodstream.

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Stuffed or Starved – Can’t Find Middle Ground

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