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Help For Split Ends, Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair and split ends are two entirely different problems that both affect the cuticle of the hair shaft and have the same cause. Split ends and frizzy hair affect about 90% of women at least sometime in their lives. And women who have naturally curly hair suffer the most!

This is because at the base of the hair shaft is a oil gland that sends natural oils to condition the hair. Because it is harder for the oils to reach the ends of curly hair this hair type is often more coarse and dryer, suffering from split ends and frizzes than do people with straight hair.

Split ends and frizzy hair can be a big style spoiler. They are caused from a dehydrated cortex of the hair shaft (inner layer of the hair) which is precipitated by several different things such as:

  • Abuse of heating appliances such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons
  • Too many styling products
  • Frequent perms, colors, bleaching, treatments
  • Stress, illness and some medications
  • Poor diet
  • Brushing wet hair
  • High humidity in the air
  • Lack of moisture
  • Towel rubbing your hair after shampoo
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Pulling hair back tightly

The most common cause of split ends and frizzy hair is a lack of moisture to the hair, cuticle and cortex. And the most important treatment is using appropriate hair care products to increase the amount of moisture your hair retains. A good shampoo will clean without drying.

If your hair is prone to being frizzy or split ends then you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. And after washing you should also use a cream conditioner that adds more moisture to the hair and is left in for several minutes to increase the amount of moisture the hair retains. Avoid oil based chemical conditioners because they can contribute to the frizz problem. After the conditioner try rinsing with cold water to seal the cuticle of the hair.

Look for a hair mask to apply once or twice a week for split ends and frizzy hair to nourish the hair. The hair mask should be moisturizing and nourishing that contains natural ingredients. You can also use some fruit found in the grocery store for natural conditioners such as bananas, mangos, olive oil, avocados and mayonnaise.

Unfortunately the only cure for the split end portion of this problem is to take off the ends and start with clean, undamaged hair. Because the hair shaft isn’t living it cant regenerate or heal. Therefore the only way to get rid of the split ends is to cut them off. What you’ll lose in length you’ll gain in health and beautiful hair. Your hair will grow back and if you pay attention to good hair care the split ends wont return.

Limit the blow drying, flat irons or curling irons you use on your hair. Using heat treatment on your hair once or twice a week is the limit before you are causing damage to your hair and causing frizz. Chose an ionic hair dryer because it causes less damage.

Never brush your hair while its wet! This damages the hair, causes frizz and split ends. Those with curly hair will benefit from a pomade to tame the frizz. Apply only a small amount to wet hair and then allow it to dry before styling the hair. If you can let your hair air dry naturally its best for your hair.

When you are shopping for products for split ends and frizzy hair look for moisturizing agents, vitamin E, aloe vera, honey, olive oil or glycerin.

Finally when you are de-tangling your hair don’t use a brush but rather use your fingers or a wide toothed comb. And when you are styling your hair wait for the bathroom to dehumidify. The humidity from the shower will only make the hair frizzier.

ReGrow Plus is a natural, safe, effective blend of carefully chosen herbal ingredients known for their beneficial effect on circulation, hormonal and thyroid functioning, thereby promoting hair and nail growth.  Used regularly, it can improve the strength and quantity of hair by stimulating and nourishing the tiny hair follicles to produce stronger, more abundant hair and by slowing down abnormal hair loss.

Use ReGrow Plus to promote healthy hair growth; to protect against age-related hair loss; to prevent hair loss due to thyroid problems, ill health or medication side effects; to promote hair growth after chemotherapy.

ReGrow Massage Oil is a natural, safe, effective blend of carefully chosen essential oils used therapeutically in aromatherapy. The essential oils in ReGrow Massage Oil have been especially chosen for their beneficial effect on the skin and hair follicles. However, as is always the case with nature, their use will bring a number of additional benefits such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and headache relief, as well as improved memory, circulation, digestion and a host of other healing properties.

The carrier oil used in ReGrow Massage Oil is Avocado Oil, chosen for its high nutritative value. Rich in nutrients, especially Vitamin E, Avocado oil further extends the therapeutic effect of ReGrow Massage Oil on the scalp and hair follicles. Use ReGrow Massage Oil to promote healthy hair growth after illness and stress; to protect against age-related hair loss; to stimulate and nourish weak hair follicles; to promote hair growth after chemotherapy. Formulated by a clinical psychologist, ReGrow Massage Oil and ReGrow Plus are pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

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