Senior Health – How to Forestall and Address Toenail Fungus

As you become older, it can be tougher and tougher to attend to yourself. Most seniors make well, only there are a couple of things that may get missed. Case in point: the toenails.

In the summer we’re all about flaunting those lower digits. We cut them, buff them and keep them polished so they look beautiful in sandals. But, how frequently do you genuinely look at your toenails? You may not be looking anything that’s of importance.

Changes in the way that toenails look could be attributed to numerous factors and many of them do not involve foot fungus. It’s not unusual to hit your toes while you walk around beds, or to squeeze them and your toes into shoes that are overly small.

Seniors may have different issues with their toenails. 1 that comes to mind is diabetes. This could cause neuropathy where nerve endings in the feet and other extremities are not functioning well, so that you could suffer a grave injury in the area and not even feel it.

Diabetes, dry skin and athlete‚Äôs foot can all result in fungal infections within the nail bed. When a fungus is present it’s generally because of moisture from showering, swimming or the presence of a different infection. It works its way below the nail bed. While the fungus develops and multiplies, it may thrust the edge of the nail upward, leaving behind a space between it and the nail bed.

The big toe is generally the 1st to become affected. The toe will become discolored while the fungus matures. Fungal nails are thicker than usual and might flake.


You’re in luck as nail fungus can be handled, and the sooner the better. And, you’re not contagious. Other people who come in contact with the same source of the fungus are more susceptible to acquiring toenail fungus but they can not necessarily catch it from you.

Once the problem is identified you’ll need to take antifungal medication for a while to free the nails of the fungus. Generally the drugs are given by mouth. It may take up to a year for the fungus to altogether disappear and there’s no guarantee that a new exposure will not bring the fungus right back. A topical antifungal agent such as nail enamel may be utilized on the nail to help dispatch the fungus.


Preventing nail fungus is more easy than eliminating it. If you reside in a nursing home or some other facility where bathrooms are shared, wear flip-flops in the shower to protect your feet. Prior to putting on socks, make certain that the feet are dry and that socks are breathable. And if you observe any difference in the appearance of your toenails, report it to a physician.

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