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Professional Supervision in Polarity Therapy

[13 Nov 2010 | No Comments | 22 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Professional Supervision in Polarity Therapyby John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

Professional supervision is receiving professional support for all aspects of your Polarity practice. I was introduced to professional supervision while working as a therapist in psychiatric hospitals. I was required by law to receive at least one hour of supervision each week for every 25 hrs of patient interaction.

I saw four different therapist/supervisors over a three-year period. During these sessions I would discuss my interactions with patients, ward policies, emotions, thoughts, goals, and in general anything needing clarity.

Looking back on my supervision sessions I have no doubt they helped me grow both professionally and personally. When I entered private practice I continued having supervision every week for over four years. I am now entering my twenty-fifth year of healing arts practice and I still have two supervisors I can call upon to help me with my polarity therapy practice and teaching.

I tell my students that practicing Polarity Therapy without proper supervision is like swimming alone in an ocean of unpredictable currents. Professional supervision is a key to professional success and peace of mind. It is important to know when and how to utilize professional supervision.

Do you need Supervision? If these statements ring a bell or bells than I suggest you seek professional supervision.

1. When my client leaves I hope they will not reschedule.

2. I dread seeing a client.

3. I am confused about how to be with a client.

4. I feel lost and isolated.

5. My practice is boring.

6. I just gave money to a client because I wanted to help him or her.

7. I want to quit Polarity Therapy because I don’t know what to do when clients make so many demands.

8. I just fell in love with my client.

9. I think about my client’s problems all the time. Did I go to far? Did I say too much? I should have done more. If things don’t work out for them it is my fault.

10. My sessions always run ten minutes to two hours over the scheduled time.

11. I don’t know how to ask for money or I feel guilty for taking charging a fee.

Professional Supervision in Polarity Therapy

12. I am afraid of my client and do not know what to do.

13. At the end of my session or day I feel totally drained.

14. How can I help my client when their issue is exactly like my own and I can’t even do anything for myself.

15. My client is just like my Father/Mother/old relationship/etc.

16. My client just asked me for a sexual favor and I don’t know what to do.

17. My practice takes so much time there is no time for myself.

18. My client just told me a story about their life and I feel helpless and unable to help.

If you are trying to deal with any of these statements alone or believe you should automatically know the answer because you are a professional than wake up! Thoughts and situations like these can come at any time regardless of years of practice and experience. A professional knows how to recognize them and when to seek supervision.

The two formats for professional supervision are senior practitioner support and peer support. Senior practitioner support is having individual or small group sessions with an experienced and successful practitioner. Peer support is meeting with colleges of similar years and sharing the issues of your practice. This type of supervision is often referred to as co-supervision.

The advantage of the first type of supervision is sharing the years of expertise, knowledge, and wisdom that only a successful practitioner can offer. The advantage of the second type of supervision is the feeling of group support and cost savings. I do not believe one type is better than another. I would recommend that practitioners have both types simultaneously. For example you may see a senior practitioner every other week and have a peer group meeting every month for at least first two years of your practice.

The supervisor or group does not have to necessarily be made up of Polarity Therapy practitioners. There are many issues common to healing artists in private practice. You may choose a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist or related health care professional. Your group can consist of massage therapists, psychotherapists, etc. If you live in an isolated area and want special polarity supervision you can ask for phone sessions with a senior practitioner or have peer group conference calls.

In summary professional supervision is a requirement in many professions and in certain states it is even a law. Your supervision is only as good as the senior practitioner or group you choose. I personally have worked with many supervisors and peer groups. I have grown from all my experiences. Through my supervision sessions I have felt connected to a larger healing arts community. I recommend that all Polarity Therapy practitioners receive professional supervision.

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Professional Supervision in Polarity Therapy
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Professional Supervision in Polarity Therapy

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