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The Problems With Prescription Antibiotics

[31 Aug 2010 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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The use of antibiotics in our society is increasing at an alarming rate. There are two reasons this concerns me. First, good bacteria (the ones helping our bodies run effectively) and bad bacteria (the ones causing diseases) are indistinguishable by antibiotics.

That means both good and bad bacteria are killed when antibiotics are prescribed. A lack of good bacteria leaves our bodies unprotected from the bad bacteria in everyday surrounding. Sickness and disease increase. Chronic illness is a result of this constant and careless use of antibiotics.

A second concern caused by the excessive use of antibiotics is the formation of resistant organisms. Antibiotics kill off the weakest bacteria. This leaves the strongest bacteria to reproduce. Offspring of the stronger bacteria inherit the ability to resist the antibiotics prescribed to treat diseases. To compensate, doctors must then look for either new antibiotics or even stronger antibiotics. As this continues, strains of super-bacteria are created – bacteria unaffected by any antibiotics.

This is not to say the presciption anti-biotics don’t have there place. Many times they are literally life savers. The concern is that they become unecessarily over prescribed for non-serious, non-threatening conditions. The use of natural antibiotics can help fill this gap.

Nature’s Solution

There are a number of substances that nature provides us, that delivers an antibiotic effects. Natural antibiotics can be food, herbs, teas, or nutriceuticals. A nutriceutical is a food additive with nutritional and healing properties. Let’s take a look at some…

Raw Garlic is a powerful immune stimulator and acts as an antibiotic, as well as being antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal. It the Second World War, when prescription medications were scarce, many people depended on garlic to prevent wound infections. It’s also been used with great effect in Africa to treat dysentery. Allicin is the magic compound which makes garlic so powerful as a natural antibiotic – this compound has been shown to be as powerful as prescription meds’ in treating staph and strep. Some people swear by garlic so much, they eat a raw clove each day. The obvious down side to this is the smell which permeates your body. One way to get around this is to take odourless garlic supplements, that have highly concentrated levels of Allicin.

Goldenseal, is also anatural antibiotic. It strengthens the immune system while promoting the function of the colon, liver, pancreas and spleen. The lymphatic and respiratory systems also benefit because goldenseal cleans mucous membranes. The active ingredient in Goldenseal is called berberine. Berberine has been shown to be highly effective against streptococci, and also useful in helping treat dysentery and cholera. Unlike garlic, goldenseal is not easily incorporated into a healthy diet. And it comes with a warning. “Caution: Do not take goldenseal internally on a daily basis for more than one week. Do not take if pregnant

Lauricidin is a nutriceutical and is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness and is caused by the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. Most cases of Lyme disease are cured using antibiotics. But this treatment offers an alternative to antibiotics by bringing “biochemical balance” to the body, allowing the body to heal itself. When taken on a daily basis, it supports the immune system without destroying healthy bacteria or developing resistant organisms.

Pau d’arco (aka Tabebuia), a bitter herb, can be used without the difficulties of goldenseal. It cleanses the blood and is good for many types of infections. This herb’s compounds, such as lapacho, have healing properties that can aid in treating candidiasis, warts, allergies, cardiovascular problems, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatism, tumors, and ulcers. Pau d’Arco inner bark may be used to make tea, tincture, pills or powder, which are the common forms in which this herb is taken.

The flowers of Red Clover are often utilized for their antimicrobial action. Red Clover is good for helping control inflamed lungs, inflammatory bowel disorders, kidney problems, liver disease, skin disorders, and strengthens a weakened immune system. Red clover‘s antibiotic properties are particularly suited to treating skin inflammation, particularly where the inflammation can lead to possible infection. And clinical studies have even shown that red clover‘s anti-microbial properties are powerful enough to help treat tuberculosis.

Aloe Vera is known for its ability to heal burns, but it is also has antibiotic properties. Studies have show aloe vera to be effective against both Streptococcus and Shigella. When taken internally it smoothes stomach irritation and digestive disorders. Aloe Vera’s natural healing properties and antibacterial function also make it ideal for treating external Candida infections.

This is just the tip of the iceberg… There are many more natural substances that have antibiotics, some others worth looking into include Echinacea, Oregon Grape Root, Barberry Root Bark, Wild Indigo, Eucalyptus, and Bee Products to name but a few.

A healthy diet and lifestyle provides a strong foundation for healing. Adding the herbs, food, and nutriceuticals listed above to a health regimen provides a way to fight bacteria without the negative effects of antibiotics. Good bacteria remains in the body to protect and fight bad bacteria. The formation of super bacteria is halted and a healthy body is created by using nature’s antibodies.

Written by HealthyNewAge, the alternative health blog and website.

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