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nutrition in the second trimester

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The second trimester of your pregnancy heralds the end of morning sickness, more energy and a growing body. Your baby is making changes and so are you. Your appetite is back and you may even start to have cravings. Heard the joke about ice cream and pickles at 10pm? Well, its true.

Although you may have some interesting twists to your eating habits your nutrition in the second trimester should follow some simple rules. These basic rules will take you through your pregnancy and on into your postpartum period.

You should remember that although you are eating for two you shouldn’t be doubling your portions. Someone who was a normal weight before becoming pregnant shouldn’t gain more than 25-35 pounds; while someone who was underweight can gain a bit more and someone overweight pre-pregnancy should gain between 15 and 20 pounds.

Those pounds are put on mostly at the end of the second trimester and through the third trimester. Some of that weight is actually fluid from the increasing blood volume that you are pumping. By the end of your pregnancy you will have gained 4 pounds of blood!

Your nutrition in the second trimester should include a prenatal vitamin. These are high in iron to support the production of blood that your body will be manufacturing to support your new baby. If you are unable to stomach the iron supplement in your prenatal vitamin because it upsets your stomach there are several options. You can first try taking the pills at night before you go to bed to see if you can sleep through the distress.

If that option doesn’t work or if you aren’t willing to discover you cant sleep through the nausea you can get a vegetable based iron vitamin supplement from the health food store. These iron supplements are more bio-available meaning your body can use more of it so the doses are less they don’t cause stomach upset or constipation. If you do this then ask your doctor for a prenatal vitamin prescription that doesn’t have iron. Don’t just stop taking the prenatal vitamins. These vitamins have higher doses of some vitamins to support your pregnancy.

Your iron supplements are often absorbed better in the presence of Vitamin C, also needed to create collagen in your developing baby. This means you can take the vitamin with a glass of orange juice, or even better with a real orange.

Some women also believe that they should eat what they crave, making the excuse that they don’t want to eat vegetables and fruit now it just doesn’t sound good. That may work for their bodies, which are fully formed and have enough stores to get through a couple of months without good nutritious foods but it doesn’t work for the developing baby.

Although you may be taking a prenatal vitamin they dont take the place of good foods. And those cravings are usually not your body telling you to eat the oreo cookies or potato chips but rather the changes that happen to your digestive system from the flood of hormones its experiencing.

What you eat has an effect on the health and wellness of your baby after they are born. For instance, recent studies have found that there is a link between mothers who ate large amounts of protein and meat during the pregnancy and children who secreted more cortisol under stress when they were in their 30s. This link has an impact on the children’s health since the secretion of cortisol under stress is linked to heart disease and diabetes.

While you cant know exactly what is the perfect diet, you can know that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and a well balanced diet will be best in the long run for both you and your child. The added fiber from the fruits and vegetables will keep you from gaining too much weight quickly, stop the constipation common during the second and third trimesters and improve your overall health. It really is a win-win situation.

During both the conception process and throughout pregnancy it is important that hopeful moms maintain their physical well-being and as well as their psychological health.

This broad field of women’s health includes psychological issues surrounding mood, stress and relaxation, as well as physical areas such as infertility, nutrition, morning sickness, labor and delivery and more.

At Native Remedies you will find a comprehensive set of herbal remedies to help you manage conception and pregnancy – naturally and safely.

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