Pinworms are very small, whitish in color and when inspected closely look much like a string of thread.

Kids who are younger than the age of 10 can get them very easily but they can also appear in adults.

They are not dangerous and can be treated very easily.

Watch your child closely. Some of the common symptoms of pinworms include an itch around the anus, purging, loss of appetite and pain while eating.

If you think your child has any of the symptoms then take them to a doctor for further confirmation. The doctor is likely to take a swab test from the anus in order to see if any eggs are present. This test is then sent off to a laboratory for analysis.

Pinworms can be passed from person to person, especially among children. During the night, as the victim sleeps, the female crawls out of the anus and lays her eggs. This is what causes the itching to occur.

The itch is so terrible that it will cause your child to scratch it with their fingernails and the eggs end up underneath them.

These eggs can then be transferred to things which are touched such as towels, food and doorknobs. They can also fall off of the fingers and become part of the dust that is floating around the house.

Vermox is a prescription  medicine that is extremely effective at killing off this type of worm. It only takes one dose of vermox, in the form of a powdered drink or tablets, to do it's work. The powdered drink does not taste very good so if your child is picky then you should probably try the tablets.

If your child has been diagnosed then it will be important for the whole family to take the medicine, just to be sure. You will also need to retry the treatment after a couple of weeks while making sure to be really clean at home.

If you are looking to stay away from conventional medicine there are several herbs that can help. Licorice root, Wormwood, Agrimony and Marshmallow are all good for the digestive tract and also help to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Chamomilla and Cina are good for protecting you, or your child, from infestation in the first place.

There are a few additional things you can do to prevent an infestation:

  • Wash your hands frequently – before eating, when preparing food, after visiting the bathroom and after playing with pets to remove eggs and bacteria from the anal area
  • Keep finger nails short and scrub them regularly
  • Let infected children wear cotton gloves when sleeping to prevent scratching
  • Bath or shower every morning and evening, and wash around the anal and vaginal areas
  • Change underwear and pajamas daily
  • Avoid sharing personal items such face flannels, towels, or hair brushes
  • Discourage your children from sucking their fingers or biting their nails
  • Keep your living area clean and remove all dust by vacuuming regularly
  • Avoid eating in the bedroom
  • Change bed sheets regularly
  • Disinfect your toilet seat and handle as well as door handle regularly with natural, environmentally friendly detergent

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