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Morning sickness remedies

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Morning sickness. Its a condition that plagues many women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy. Women experience nausea and vomiting at anytime during the day or night hours. Some women have such a difficult experience that they are unable to function well at work and have a difficult time sleeping at night.

There are some morning sickness remedies that are available both through your doctor and that you can do at home on your own. These morning sickness remedies will help to decrease the symptoms but may not completely remove them. Doctors theorize that morning sickness is caused by your bodys reaction to the increased number and amount of hormones floating around in your system. Only after your body accommodates to the changes will the nausea and vomiting stop. For most women this ends at the end of the first trimester (50% of women) and the rest by the end of the 20th week (95%).

While you are struggling with nausea and vomiting you may want to try some of these morning sickness remedies that have given thousands of women relief. First, many of the symptoms of morning sickness are a result of having an empty stomach or being exposed to certain smells and odors. So many of the morning sickness remedies involve keeping your stomach partially full without over filling.

For instance, you should keep several saltines at your bedside and, before even rising in the morning, eat several dry crackers. Wait about 10 minutes and then get up. Keep crackers or pretzels with you during the day and dont let your stomach get empty. Some women find relief when they graze during the day instead of eating three meals.

When you do eat, do not eat spicy or fatty foods. Although they may look good to your eyes you will find they dont sit well in your stomach. Do your best to stay away from strong food odors or other strong odors that may upset your stomach. This means you should cook as little as possible.

Fatty foods may take longer to digest but they will cause problems with your stomach and nausea. Instead, try to eat some proteins that will also keep you full longer but wont cause the nausea and vomiting that fatty foods and spicy foods will cause.

Another morning sickness remedy is to stay hydrated as possible. You may be vomiting occasionally but you can also keep down fluids by drinking small amounts of fluid throughout the day. Dont drink soda or high fat drinks like shakes, which will trigger more morning sickness. Soda or fruit drinks may have calories but they wont keep your stomach full so its better to eat real food.

Another of the morning sickness remedies is to eat sweets sparingly because of the changes they make to your hormonal system and they can trigger another episode of nausea. You can also change your prenatal vitamins to those without iron until the morning sickness goes away or you can forgo taking prenatal vitamins all together.

Try these morning sickness remedies at home first. Morning sickness isnt life threatening but it is uncomfortable. Women have been suffering with these symptoms for centuries. Doctors only use medications when the vomiting affects the hydration of the woman and she begins to lose weight.

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