Six Little Known Facts about Migraines

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Migraine sufferers are sometimes misunderstood with respect to their ailment. The general belief that all migraines automatically refer to severe headaches is but one of the many misconceptions that make the round about this debilitating condition. To shed a bit more light on the overall circumstances surrounding migraines, here are six little known facts.

1. Migraines and headaches not synonymous. Instead, migraines present with symptomatic pain that may affect other portions of the body in addition to the head. There is the possibility of muscle interference in the extremities, headaches, and also severe gastrointestinal upset.

2. The severity of migraine symptoms varies and it is not possible to predict them. In some cases a migraine attack may be a debilitating affair that puts the sufferer out of commission for one to three days. In other cases the symptoms are so benign that they do not affect the patient and his daily activities. It is impossible to predict each migraine attack’s severity.

3. Migraines are not indicative of a high IQ. It used to be thought that only creative geniuses or high IQ scoring individuals would fall victim to migraine headaches. This is not true. A neurological disorder, migraines may affect anyone.

4. There is no cutoff age. It used to be rumored that at the age of 40 those destined to suffer from migraines would begin getting them. This is not true. Migraines have been reported in children as young as five, and there are also plenty of teenagers who are currently suffering from migraine headaches and body pains. Although it is true that for some sufferers the pains intensify when they reach age 40, that particular birthday hardly marks the onset of the condition.

5. Mood changes are part of the migraines. Since there is oftentimes severe pain that accompanies the migraines, mood changes are sometimes observed a few days before the actual episode begins. The body appears to be readying itself, and while some sufferers can actually tell when such a migraine may be coming on, others will not be so fortunate and instead their loved ones may be the ones noticing a change in mood and attitude.

6. Migraines cannot be stopped. There is no magic pill for a sufferer to take and perhaps the most misunderstood concept is the migraine headache. It does not respond like other headaches to over the counter medicines and therefore the patient more often than not has little choice but must ride out the pain and wait for it to be done. Although there are some prescriptions, it is generally not possible to stop an actual migraine cold.

Once migraines and their symptoms are better understood, sufferers and their loved ones may be able to communicate more effectively on how to deal with the condition as the symptoms arrive, and also during the aftermath. The body will require a short period of time to recover from the symptoms, and it does indeed interrupt regular family dynamics when such an episode occurs.

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