Facial Massage for Tension

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Have your partner/client/ patient lay face up on the bed or massage table. You are standing behind them at the top of your head.

Place the thumb and index finger together at the center of the forehead with both sets of finger tips together.

SLOWLY open the fingers apart spreading the fingers across the forehead from the center outward.

Lift the hands slightly and return back to the center and repeat.

Slowly move both sets of fingers away from each other as you stoke the entire forehead from the hairline at the top to the glabella (bridge of the nose) at the bottom.

Once you reach the temples, slide the thumb to the temples and the index finger to just under the zygomatic arch (of the cheek bone).

Massage gently the temples with the thumb and the under the cheeks with the index finger.

SLOWLY slide the index fingers down to the angle of the mandible (angle of the jaw line) and gently stoke the jaw line.

End by sliding the thumb and index finger to the outer portion of the ear and gently stroke the soft skin of the outer ear.

This massage helps in relieving Tension in the facial muscles, allows Tension in the entire body to release and helps in relaxing the internal organs.

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