When to Worry about Mood Swings

We all have those days when we are not in the moodfor anything. There are many reasons for these days but usually it is nothing to warrant serious concern. Frequent mood swings can pose a problem, however, and then we need to take a deeper look into the cause.

What are mood swings? Everyone doesnt start freaking out when they have a mood change. Mood swings simply refer to a sudden change in our mood from what it previously was. If you were happy, now you may be angry or sad. If you were sad, now you may be upbeat.

Mood swings can occur without us even being aware of it. A word from someone or a song on the radio triggers past situations that change our mood depending on the particulars surrounding the situation. Anyone watching us can sense the mood swing even when we cannot.

Seasonal changes affect our moods. One common reason is seasonal affective disorder. This mostly causes mood swings in the fall and winter of the year but people can also experience a downturn in their moods during the summer months.

Hormonal changes in the body can cause mood swings. Pregnancy is a big one. With all of the surging hormones due to the new life inside of us its no wonder that expectant mothers are crying one minute and screaming the next. These mood swings are normal and will pass.

The majority of mood swings are not a big deal. Our circumstances dictate that mood swings are a part of the process. Experiencing a death in the family, a divorce, loss of a job, or stress at work can put the pressure on us and affect how we act in other situations. Hopefully the situation is temporary.

Diagnosing the underlying problem behind the mood swings has a lot to do with how much one worries about them. The above mentioned situations may concern us but over time, the situations will be resolved. Once the season passes or the baby is born, the mood swings begin to subside.

Typically, these types of mood swings do not incapacitate us. We still go about our daily life and work through it. It is not until mood swings begin to affect the way that we live our lives that they become a cause for concern.

How do you know if this has happened? Well, any mood swing that affects our judgment is not normal. We begin to spin out of control when mood swings bring us into a manic state of mind. We stop leaving the house or cant get out of bed because we feel so bad. Crying is an everyday occurrence and we are not pregnant or menopausal.

Severe mood swings dont just affect women. Men are susceptible to mood swings as well. They may not cry, but outbursts of anger or refusal to be consoled are examples of mood swings that are worrisome.

To diagnose what could be a serious problem, see a medical doctor. Debilitating mood swings can be a sign of clinical depression caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Only a doctor can diagnose depression and offer help.

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