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Anxiety unattended always grows.

Whether the anxiety you feel is a little or a lot - it’s important to know that NOT dealing with it practically insures your anxiety will grow.

The natural tendency of anxiety is to increase. The purpose of this article is to provide a means to achieve immediate, temporary relief during those times when you are suffocating from it.

Anxiety can be reduced, escaped, and even eliminated from your life. Due to its complex nature, however, it won’t happen overnight. It requires effort, work, and attacking it from different angles. This technique is one angle you can use to fight your anxiety.

Basically, anxiety is caused by not accepting responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Specific examples include: Denying your anger. Refusing to acknowledge your hurt. Discounting your self-pity.

The following technique is one way to take back conscious control of the THOUGHTS you THINK and the FEELINGS you FEEL.

It’s a way to work WITH your subconscious mind - to achieve the fastest results possible. While the following may seem strange at first, if you practice the technique you’ll be amazed how well it works to ’screen out’ your anxiety.

The technique involves:

1. Mentally creating an ‘anxiety screen’.

2. Going through the screen.

3. Collecting the anxiety that sticks to the screen.

4. Transmuting the anxiety to positive energy.

The first step is to imagine some sort of screen - perhaps it’s like a screen door or a window screen. What is most believable to you? What would a screen HAVE to look like, to be able to screen out your anxiety?

Would the mesh need to be razor-sharp? Would it need to be made of gold or some other special metal? What would it take? What would it look like? A screen that would ONLY block the anxiety, and nothing else?

Imagine a screen you could push yourself through - that would collect your anxiety on the near side, as you end up on the far side. Mentally create it. ‘Construct’ it in your mind. An anxiety screen.

The next step is to actually go through the screen. To first ’set the mood’, you may wish to find a quiet time and place when you won’t be disturbed. Spend a few minutes to relax your body. To become quiet. To become still.

For best results, you may even wish to count from five to one, with the INTENTION of entering an altered state at the count of one.

Focus on your breath. By consciously focusing on your inhale and exhale, you will be capturing the attention of your subconscious mind - a necessary prerequisite for this technique.

As your eyes are closed, the room is safe, your body and mind are relaxed, and your attention is focused together with your subconscious - so you are ready to proceed.

Having spent the time beforehand to imagine the anxiety screen and how it is constructed - now you see it before you. Reach out, touch the frame. Feel it, see it, sense it as vividly as you can.

Now stick your fingers up to the mesh… and to your amazement - they go right through the screen! Continue to push your arm through, and then your other one.

With both arms through the screen, use them to brace yourself as you now begin to push your head into the screen. Feel the resistance - make it real - make it come ALIVE - as you force the torso of your body through the anxiety screen.

Feel the resistance - as you force first one leg, then the other, until finally your whole body has passed through this screen that traps only your anxiety. Every other part of you has been pushed through the screen, with only your anxiety left behind.

Imagine yourself walking around to the side of the screen you started from, and see the anxiety that has collected on the wire mesh. Perhaps it looks like lint from the dryer. Maybe it’s more ‘gooey’. What DOES your anxiety look like, now that it’s been separated from you?

Begin to collect the anxiety. Whatever its shape, whatever its texture; pull it together. Form it into a ball.

Once you’ve collected it all - the final step is to transmute it into light… or light energy - either by your own will, or by turning it over to a higher power. Whichever makes more sense. Whichever is most effective for you. Either ‘mentally demand’ it be transmuted - or else give it up to a higher power and let them transmute it for you.

Know that the energy has changed. SEE it changed. Visualize it turning to light. Don’t end your little visualization session without SEEING and KNOWING that your anxiety is transmuted.

One variation of this technique is to use it for other emotions besides anxiety. You could just as easily create a screen for anger, fear, guilt, pity, even fatigue! Use your imagination.

Another variation, for those really tough emotional times, is to create the screen like a trampoline, with you jumping on it from atop a platform. Maybe you land with a SPLAT onto the screen, and slowly sink through the mesh. Then, like a kid leaping from the high dive at the city swimming pool, you rush around to jump into it again (AFTER you collect the residue, of course.)

And that’s it! Practicing this technique with clarity and emotional intensity will give you the ‘breathing room’ you need to work with ending anxiety permanently.

~ Author Unknown but appreciated ~


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