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Male Hormones after 40

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Older men have lower testosterone levels than younger men. After the age of forty, testosterone levels in the blood decline at a rate of about one percent each year. There may be a steep drop in testosterone levels between the ages of forty-five and fifty.

There are men who do not drop their hormone levels, even well into their eighties. Some men will have a significant drop in hormone levels but show no symptoms. The rate that the hormone levels change and the symptoms that a man may exhibit is truly unique to the individual male.

If a man suffers from symptoms of decreased hormone levels he may exhibit things like a decreased sexual desire, a decrease in spontaneous erections and swollen or tender breasts.

A man will low hormone levels may suffer from loss of body hair, shrinking testes and hot flashes or sweats. Some of these symptoms can mimic menopausal symptoms in women. A man may suffer from low energy levels, depression, poor concentration, increased body fat and sleep disturbances.

So what can a man do if he is suffering from the symptoms brought about by lower testosterone levels? The treatment of low testosterone with hormone replacement therapy is controversial. Testosterone replacement therapy increase the risk for prostate cancer. At this time, testosterone replacement therapy is not the standard of care for men with low testosterone levels.

It you think you may be suffering from the side effects of low testosterone levels, you should see your doctor. It is a good idea to rule out any other health problems first. Health conditions such as liver disease, thyroid problems or kidney disease can mimic the symptoms of low testosterone.

There are herbs out there that can help with some of the symptoms of low testosterone. Ginkgo biloba and ginseng can increase energy and help with libido. These herbs increase the blood flow throughout the body. This will help you feel better and possibly solve any erectile dysfunction problems.

If you are over forty and think you may be developing symptoms of a hormone imbalance, it is important that you take good care of yourself. Cut out the junk food and start eating healthy. Get plenty of sleep and increase your water intake.

If you have any bad habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol use, now is the time to quit. These bad habits can make the symptoms of a hormone imbalance worse. It also puts you at a greater risk for heart attack and stroke as you grow older.

Get plenty of exercise. By eating right and getting exercise, you will be able maintain strength, energy and lean muscle mass. Regular exercise will also improve your mood and clear up any mental fogginess you may be experiencing.

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