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Make Up for Mother of the Bride

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Responsibilities of the mother of the bride are large and sometimes onerous. In a traditional setting the family of the bride takes care of paying for the wedding and the mother of bride helps the bride plan and execute the wedding down to the smallest detail. On the wedding day it is the responsibility of the mother of the bride to be sure that the day goes exactly as planned. There are brides who are exceptional planners and prefer to take care of the details themselves but on the day itself it is difficult for the bride to be at all places at once. And, it is really her day to enjoy. And so the details of the wedding day often fall to the mother of the bride.

For this reason she is often the second most recognizable woman at the reception. Looking put together, fashionable, cool and collected are important to keeping the entire process moving forward smoothly. Make up for mother of the bride is an important aspect to caring for her appearance on a very important day in the life of her daughter.

When the mother of the bride and bride have concluded the plans for color at the wedding it is up to the mother to communicate those colors to the grooms side. Make up for mother of the bride doesnt need to match her dress but rather should be artfully applied to keep her looking cool and comfortable all day long.

Make up will be applied to give the mother of the bride the appearance of being natural without a theme, unless of course the wedding is vintage or another themed approach. She should start with a fresh clean face that is accomplished using a gentle cleanser. Reserve a toner for evening after the make up is removed and dont do any harsh or deep cleaning the morning of the wedding.

Begin by making sure your eye brows are well groomed, trimmed and plucked. You can brush the hair upwards and then trim along the line of the eye brow to give a well groomed appearance. Dont do this for the first time on the morning of the wedding. Be sure youve practiced a head of time so you dont have a mistake on the morning that a 1000 pictures are being taken to preserve this important day for your daughter.

Apply a light layer of moisturizer to smooth the skin and then a light layer of foundation. If you would rather you can mix a bit of moisturizer with a crme foundation to help it glide over the skin more smoothly.

Next, working from the top to the bottom, address your eyes. This isnt the day for a dark, smoky look so stick with colors that complement your eye color. If you use a liner smudge it at the corners to give it a softer appearance. Use a light color under the eyebrows to give your eyes a larger look and concealer under the eyes to make your entire look pop.

Use a light coat of mascara. Youll probably be crying and mascara (waterproof or not) running down your cheeks isnt a great look. Once the wedding is over you can apply another layer of mascara before the reception and freshen up your make up from the tears.

Your blush should make you look naturally pink and healthy but not brash and bright. Finish with a light coat of translucent powder to set the make up. Today is your daughters big day and although you want to look your best you shouldnt outshine the bride or take away attention from her because your make up is caked on, dark or poorly applied.

Finish the look with a lipstick that is neutral and a matte finish. No blood red lipstick today!

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