Low Blood Pressure Dangers, Signs, Symptoms

Low Blood Pressure Signs, SymptomsOftentimes when people think of trouble or issues with blood pressure the first thing that comes to mind is high blood pressure or hypertension. There is also an opposite effect or low blood pressure.

Blood pressure parameters are defined by the American Heart Association as anything over 140/90 as high blood pressure and everything under 135/85 as normal. The top number of your blood pressure is the systolic reading, which is the numerical reading of the amount of pressure needed to push the blood through your arterial system.

The higher the number the less elastic your system. The lower number is the diastolic reading and is the pressure left in your system when your heart is between beats. The lower number is the one that has the most effect on your cardiovascular system.

If the pressure in your system remains high even when the heart is at rest you are at greater risk of kidney failure, heart failure and stroke.

It stands to reason then that the diastolic reading is also important when considering how low your low blood pressure dangers and signs can go. Experts don’t readily agree on what numbers define low blood pressure but do agree that the symptoms of low blood pressure will identify this condition in individuals.

Some experts say that pressure lower than 90/60 is low. And that you need only one of those numbers to be low. For instance a blood pressure of 115/50 would be considered low because the diastolic, 50, is lower than 60.

A sudden fall in blood pressure can also be dangerous and you’ll exhibit symptoms of low blood pressure. For instance, a change of just 20 mm HG (from 130 110 systolic) can cause dizziness and fainting. This happens because the brain fails to receive an adequate amount of oxygen.

Although high blood pressure is dangerous there are low blood pressure dangers and signs that will impact your health. Some people who experience symptoms of low blood pressure are in peak physical condition with strong cardiovascular systems. They experience these symptoms because their hearts and cardiovascular systems are strong and the elasticity in the arterial systems are flexible.

In a person with a strong cardiovascular system low blood pressure usually happens when rising from a sitting position and can cause a short time of dizziness.

Low blood pressure is also a sign of an underlying cardiovascular problem or can be caused by a change in anti-hypertensive medications. When blood pressure drops you know it because of the symptoms of low blood pressure which include dizziness or light-headedness, blurred vision, cold and clammy skin, rapid shallow breathing, lack of concentration, fainting, nausea, thirst and fatigue.

Causes of the symptoms of low blood pressure go beyond the simplistic ones mentioned above. Some people suffer from neurological damage (Shy-Drager syndrome), low blood pressure after eating a large meal when much of your blood has been shunted to the gastrointestinal system to take care of digestion, or faulty brain signals. Other reasons that are a bit more common are pregnancy, medication side effects, dehydration, infections, blood loss, and anemia.

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