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Is Parkinson’s Hereditary?

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Is Parkinsons Hereditary?
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Parkison’s disease is a disorder of the bodys motor system. This disease affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls muscle movement.

Dopamine is a very important chemical in the brain that is responsible for sending signals that help coordinate the movement of your muscles. When Parkison’s disease is present, the neurons that are responsible for producing dopamine die. The cause behind the death of these neurons is unknown.

The symptoms of Parkison’s disease are trembling in the hands, legs, arms, jaw and face. An individual with Parkison’s disease may also have rigidity of the limbs and the trunk. Another sure sign of Parkison’s disease is slow movement and being unsteady on your feet.

Many people who have a relative with Parkinson s disease will find themselves wondering if Parkison’s is hereditary. Studies have shown that no, Parkison’s disease is not hereditary. There have been a few cases where members of the same family have developed Parkison’s disease, but this is hardly conclusive to this disease being hereditary.

As Parkison’s disease progresses, the patient will have difficulty walking and talking. The shaking and tremors of this motor disease will begin to interfere with daily activities. Parkison’s disease progresses more quickly in some people than in others.

There are a variety of symptoms associated with Parkison’s disease. These symptoms of Parkison’s disease may include depression. Some patients will develop difficulty swallowing and speaking. If the Parkison’s disease becomes so advanced that the patient can not chew or swallow, alternate methods of feedings can be explored.

There is no cure for Parkison’s disease. There are medications to manage the symptoms. Levodopa in combination with carbidopa is a medication that can allow the nerve cells to produce dopamine to increase the brains scarce supply.

It is important to remember that not all symptoms of Parkison’s disease respond to medication. Not every individual with Parkison’s will respond in the same way to medication. For some patients, medication can allow them to function almost normally. For other patients, medication does not help the symptoms of Parkison’s at all.

Parkison’s disease is a chronic disease which means it will persist over a long period of time. In most cases, this disease will progressively cause the symptoms to worsen. The severity of the symptom progression depends on the patient. Some people with Parkison’s will become severely disabled, while others will only have mild motor symptoms.

There is no way to predict how the symptoms of Parkison’s disease will affect each individual. If you have been diagnosed with Parkison’s disease, your doctor can help you monitor your symptoms. He will also be able to tell you, as time goes on, how severe your Parkison’s disease is likely to become.

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Is Parkinsons Hereditary?
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