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Identifying, Naturally Treating Symptoms of Fatigue


symptoms of fatigue

Long periods of experiencing the symptoms of fatigue can wreak havoc in your life and make every task you undertake extremely difficult.

Fatigue is not a medical disorder in and of itself. It is actually a symptom of another problem area in your life.

Everyone wakes up every once in awhile and feels not quite with it, but people who are truly suffering with symptoms of fatigue constantly feel tired and feel as if they have no energy.

Fatigue not only attacks your body but it puts pressure on your mental processes. Long periods of experiencing the symptoms of fatigue can wreak havoc in your life and make every task you undertake extremely difficult.

Physical and mental fatigue should not be taken lightly because they are the initial signs that your body is being harmed and becoming a victim to unhealthy levels of stress.

Many times the cure for symptoms of fatigue is simple. Changes to your eating habits, sleep, stress levels or environment can often solve the problem. Other times fatigue can be a warning that something else is causing your body problems. Because fatigue is so common, few people seek medical advice or make changes to their unhealthy lifestyle.

If you have been feeling fatigued for a long time then you should take a good look at how healthy your lifestyle is. After you make the necessary changes, then take a good look at yourself again. If you still feel fatigued then it is wise to go talk to your family doctor.

Fatigue can be described by those battling it in various ways, and may include a combination of the following mental and/or physical symptoms:

  •     weakness
  •     low energy
  •     constantly feeling tired or exhausted
  •     lack of motivation
  •     problems concentrating
  •     problems starting and/or completing tasks

Other symptoms of fatigue including fainting or loss of consciousness, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), dizziness or vertigo may also be experienced as part of the fatigue experienced by the affected person. These symptoms can help a medical professional discover the underlying cause(s) of a person’s fatigue.

The doctor will want to know exactly what symptoms of fatigue  you are dealing with so make sure that you keep notes on this. Make sure you write down when you are feeling fatigued and try to see if some type of pattern develops.

For example, if you wake up feeling full of energy then rapidly wear down as the day moves on then you should note this. The doctor will also want to know about your lifestyle and will take a thorough look at your medical history. There might be blood tests and other types of tests done to rule out things such as infection or problems with your thyroid glands.

If your fatigue is not a result of poor lifestyle habits then you need to deal with the medical illness that is causing it to occur. Herbs can help a lot to lessen fatigue and often can be used to fight off the underlying illness, itself.

Several herbs are really useful because they energize the mind/body and actually increase your endurance. Siberian Ginseng, Centella Asiatica and Extract of Olive Leaf are three of the most popular herbs for fighting fatigue. They give you a strong energy boost and do not have side effects like many commercial brands. These herbs help your body to work more efficiently and go a long way toward keeping everything in balance!

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