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How to Tame Bedtime Battles


If you’re having trouble with your children at bedtime, perhaps a good opening move would be to cease thinking of it as a battle. Then, you can be open to a few pointers and ideas that might help get things peaceful. Here are a few hints.

Assess Your Approach

When it concerns bedtime, are you attempting to follow advice you read about? Or maybe you’re doing what your spouse thinks you should do, or your mom, or your relatives-in-law…the point is, why are you approaching bedtime the way you do? If it is not working, then it may be time to rethink matters.

Perhaps you have been told that kids have to be in bed by a certain time and have to fall asleep by themselves in less than twenty minutes. Try breaking out of the expectations of other people and alternatively, think about your individual youngster’s disposition and your own. Occasionally, it is merely too difficult to meet other’s expectations.


Now that you’re comfy with taking an approach that is customized for you and your children, consider some of these ideas for incentives.

* Let your children earn tickets or play money at bedtime. For instance, if they’re in bed by eight o’clock (or whatever their bedtime is), they earn a certain number of tickets or play dollars. Other behaviors may be reinforced this way, also – remaining quiet after lights are out, not getting out of bed until a certain time, and so on. can all be reinforced with the tickets.

Behavior you do not welcome, like tantrums or leaping out of bed after lights out, might “cost” tickets or play money. Make certain that the amount of tickets or dollars earned is fair for your children’s ages (for instance, it will not mean a lot if it takes a month for a preschooler to pull in enough tickets for a treat – they have a hard time thinking that far in advance).

* Try rewarding good night-time behavior with a bit of extra television time or play time. This might work better on kids past preschool – preschoolers generally need more immediate rewards.

Firm Limits

One of the things that might be challenging is when your children attempt to become that one last thing in prior to going to bed – “Just one more cartoon? Just one more story?” Make certain you and your children have firm limits set up already, so you do not have to attempt to work out if you should give in or not with each request. If the request isn’t within the limits, then the request Is not granted.


It’s said that kids genuinely do thrive on routine. Routines are different from schedules; it’s more personalized. Having a bedtime routine might help a great deal. You are able to even make a big poster or chart with all the bedtime activities listed in order for your kid to view. Routines help kids feel secure and will hopefully make them less likely to push the limits as they attempt to work out if things are going to be the same or not.

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