How Poor Reviews Can Ruin Your Medical Practice

Many would argue that those who review by trade are hardly fair, but there is a certain amount of professional ethics in play. If someone goes to your medical practice with the intention of reviewing your services and giving your practice a grade they will do their utmost to make it if not as objective as possible then at least as accurate as possible.

But everyone is a critic, and in today’s day and age everyone has full access to a susceptible audience that will rarely glance at more than one or two reviews before making a judgement on your practice. This audience is of course the average internet user.

Think of what happens to a doctor if they have even one report of malpractice on their record. If they are employed, they are often either terminated or heavily penalized. If they are self-employed, then many would be leery of going to the practice if the case becomes well known. This used to have a simple solution in being careful and a responsible physician, but the fact is that online reviews tend to exaggerate.

Though people happy with your service will be brief, those that felt you were not up to snuff, too expensive or had too long a wait time will often go out of their way to use terms that are just unfair. Calling you a fraud for charging when the patient turns out to be perfectly healthy or a butcher for giving someone a needle when they’re not a fan is sadly not only possible, it’s practically the norm.

It is possible to manage online physician reviews however. This can be very difficult for the uninitiated, and there is a limit to your reach, but simply organizing efforts to criticize unjust criticisms and delete offensive posts can do wonders. There is a steep learning curve to even begin to know how to manage your own reputation however. It is seriously recommended you hire a company that specializes in maintaining online reputation rather than attempt to do it yourself and come across as trying to “cover up your failings”.

Nobody wants to go to a physician others believe to be incompetent or a fraud. As such it’s best to stop unjust rumors before they spread, no matter how false you know they are. This is difficult on the internet, but the battle is more important there than anywhere.

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