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Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections


Urinary tract infections are a serious problem that affects almost every segment of the population. UTI is known for its frequent reoccurrences. Women, due to certain reasons are more prone to UTI than men. Pathogens, in the shape of virus, bacteria, or microorganisms enter the urinary tract either from downside (through the urethra) or from upside (from the blood stream to the urinary tract).

The only effective and sure way to treat UTI is through a urinary tract infection cure involving the use of antibiotics. In cases of bladder infections like interstitial cystitis, a bladder infection treatmentl regime is followed.

Although home remedies and self-treating are not an alternative to urinary tract infection cure they go a along way in symptomatic relief and may even help in preventing future infections.

Howsoever strange it may sound but many of the best home remedies do not require any shopping or confirmation from experts and are completely harmless. All that they require is a small effort in remembering them and ensuring that you practice them regularly. They can actually help relieve some pain and discomfort and prevent UTI reoccurrence and aid a speedy recovery, in conjunction with the medication under urinary tract infection cure that you might be taking.

Plain water is one of the most common and simple home remedies for UTI. Drinking adequate amount of water every day flushes the urinary tract. Secondly, whenever you feel like urinating, you should do so without waiting. The longer the urine remains in your bladder, the more chances it gives to bacteria to grow if they have by any chance entered the bladder.

Women need to be careful while wiping and do so from front to back rather than the other way round. This helps prevent any bacteria from stool to carry near to the urethra or vagina. The length of the urethra in women is much shorter which makes the risk greater for pathogen to travel upwards to the urinary tract.

Shower is a better way to bathe because tub baths too can result in bacteria travel up through the urethra. Personal hygiene and cleaning of the genitals regularly, especially after sexual intercourse, ensures that you are not providing bacteria with a convenient breeding ground.

Apart from these prevention procedures, there are some home remedies that can prove helpful in prevention as well as, to a certain extent, cure UTI.

Cranberry juice is by far the most popular home remedy and is known to complement urinary tract infection cure in more than one ways. It is a natural way to prevent infections of the urinary tract and also speed up recovery. Six to eight ounces of pure cranberry juice everyday should suffice in most cases. Make sure to consume only pure cranberry juice as some of the drinks and cocktails have insufficient quantity of cranberry juice.

Another way to self-treat UTI is by use of vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C increases the level of acidity in your urine that in turn decreases the number of harmful bacteria in the urine.

All said and done, despite the efficacy of home remedies and preventions, it is imperative that you consult your physician for proper urinary track infection cure or bladder infection treatment.

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