Enhance Your Relationship

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Share a renewal of your original passion. You can build a new relationship foundation through the ground-breaking program, Shared Couples Trance.

Would you both like to:

  • Create new bonds through shared experiences?
  • Learn to appreciate each other all over again?
  • Grow closer together, while maintaining a healthy independence?
  • Safely reduce damaging relationship patterns?
  • Let go of unnecessary baggage?
  • Reignite the original flame of passion?
  • Enjoy your relationship even more?

Relationships are very complicated and sometimes difficult. They can be very painful - but also very rewarding. If you value your relationship and want to see it continue to flourish, then these shared hypnosis sessions will be an invaluable tool for years to come.

Relationship dynamics

As you well know, there are two fundamental aspects of all relationships. The first dynamic is your shared experiences and the other dynamic is your sense of separateness, where you create boundaries. Obviously, there is Tension between the two.

As time goes by you create a shared life, and in that process you have both positive and negative shared memories. In Session 1 of this program, you will go through a process that will allow you to focus on your positive relationship experiences in order to rekindle and strengthen the original feelings you had for one another.

Hopefully, over time, you have also developed a sense of separateness. You have established unconscious boundaries that allow your sense of individuality. However, sometimes couples grow too close together or too far apart. Or there may be some discrepancy on how to define these boundaries. This can be a source of many negative feelings. Session 2 can help you develop healthy boundaries and a renewed sense of self.

Take your relationship to a completely new level by resolving issues, and rekindling the passion.

How This Program Can Help

Developed from over 20 years of practice and teaching by Dr. Ritterman, a pioneer in the use of hypnosis in family therapy and relationships, this program is groundbreaking in its scope.

Dr. Ritterman has trained thousands of psychotherapists around the world in her methods of working with couples and families. All of the therapists with The Hypnosis Network have to meet stringent guidelines. And, as with all our associates, Dr. Ritterman is an exceptional therapist and hypnosis practitioner.

This program will not promise that your relationship will be pure heaven from now on, or that you will be having intimate relations every night. This would be a gross exaggeration. However, we do promise that your relationship will be enhanced in ways you previously thought impossible. (Note: This program is not designed for relationships that are in severe trouble, especially when violence is involved.)

The powerful hypnosis techniques in this two-session program are designed to help you strengthen your relationship. The program will help you relax and guide you to a state of Hypnotic trance opening your subconscious mind to empowering suggestions and stories. You’ll find that Dr. Ritterman’s unique style might put you in the mood for a little romance.

As with all of our products we offer you our unconditional one year money back guarantee. We hope that by eliminating all risk, you feel free to experience increased romance in your relationship.

Shared Couples Trance is a 1-CD program:


  • Introduction
  • Shared Reverie
  • Separate Track Trance

Check out Shared Couples Trance Program Now!

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