Holistic Parenting: 6 Ways to Practice Holistic Health at Home

For believers in holistic health, extending these practices to your parenting is only natural. After all, being a parent is an essential part of your identity, and it would be impossible to function in your role as a parent as without somehow incorporating everything you have learned about holistic health.

But many parents who are just learning about holistic health are unsure how to apply these principles to their children.

Most of the literature on holism is geared toward engaged adults who are capable of thinking about all the complex issues surrounding life and the universe. Many kids are still too young to understand.

Still, that does not mean that you cannot apply the holistic health philosophy to your parenting practices, even if your children do not realize it. Here are a few of the fundamental tenets underlying holistic parenting:

1. Teach your children to care
Your first responsibility as a holistic-minded parent is to set a positive example for your children. Show them how to respect others and care for the natural world by doing these things yourself. Meanwhile, be sure to give them plenty of exposure to the natural world, and try to provide them with the experiences they need to develop an open-minded attitude toward humanity, life, and the planet Earth.

2. Limit negative influences
Openness toward the world is a central component of the holistic health philosophy, but that does not mean that we should not filter the stimuli that enter our children’s consciousness.

The consumer-driven culture, with all its confusing marketing messages, often runs counter to the messages of the holistic philosophy, so it is a good idea to limit your kids’ exposure to materialism and the desensitizing influences in the media.

3. Practice self-sufficiency
As a follower of holistic health, you probably already make an effort to live simply, waste little, and produce things on your own.

These practices are good for the soul, but they also benefit the planet and help ensure that our children will inherit a healthy Earth. Do everything in your power to pass these values of self-sufficiency on to your children, as their time could turn out to be even more challenging than ours.

4. Do your research
Thanks to the web and other digital media technologies, we now have access to more information than we can ever process. Unfortunately, this often leads to mixed singles about what parents should and should not do with their children.

When making important decisions about aspects of your parenting, be sure that you truly know the ramifications of your actions. Read reliable sources, and hold off on decisions until you have reasonably weighed all options.

5. Impart compassion
Embrace parental practices that create strong bonds both between you and your children and between your children and the world. Young people who are open, accepting, and capable of collaboration will half a distinct advantage in the world of the future, and it is never too early to start instilling these values.

6. Integrate the emotional, physical and spiritual
In all your parenting practices, remember that your child’s development depends on more than just a few isolated factors. In reality, there is a complex system of physical, spiritual, and emotional influences that make a child who he or she becomes.

Try to give your child a balanced life, and work to bring this balance to the home in ways that make your child feel as safe and loved as possible.

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