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Holistic medicine for chronic paronychia

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Paronychia is a form of yeast infection that occurs around the fingernail or toenail. It can be either acute or chronic. The infection typically occurs when a bacteria or fungus gets into the skin through damaged skin by the nail bed. This damage can be torn cuticles, hangnails, cuts or cracks in the skin. The typical medical treatment involves antibiotics, but holistic medicine for chronic paronychia has also been effective.

Holistic medicine is generally defined as a combination of art and science that looks at the whole person mind, body and spirit. Holistic medicine works to combine conventional therapies with alternative therapies to help prevent and treat disease. Not only that, but it focuses on promoting optimal health.

Holistic approaches are actually based on the approach of taking specific herbal and vitamin supplements, and putting them together with a thorough set of dietary principals that must be followed. It addresses the internal as well as external factors that are contributing to the condition, and tries to set a balance within the body to eliminate the reoccurrence of these conditions.

In order to understand the problem of paronychia, it is important to look at some of the risk factors that can contribute to the condition in the first place. Some of these include diabetes, work that puts the nail in frequent contact with solvents or water (nursing, hairdressing, food service), habit of biting nails, excessive manicuring, and wearing socks or shoes that do not allow for proper breathing of the feet.

Some internal factors that are considered in the holistic approach to contribute to the problem of chronic paronychia include our genetic structure (which we cannot change), combined with psychological and lifestyle factors. These factors work together to cause our bodies to be prone to Candida overgrowth, leading to more infections.

All of these internal factors include such things as a weakened immune system, bad choices in diet (like eating too much sugar and carbohydrates), toxic overload and stress. Stress actually depresses the immune system, which will significantly promote the growth of infections in the body.

The holistic approach works to combat all of these factors, both internal and external, while focusing on the entire body system. Holistic measures would promote changes in lifestyle and habits to help the body to be healthier overall.

Although this condition may not be life threatening, it can be troublesome for those who are suffering over and over. Using Holistic medicine for chronic paronychia can be very effective in lowering the number of infections the person has occurring, and can work to keep the body systems healthier overall. It is one option that focuses on prevention as well, which for chronic sufferers is an important aspect of their treatment plan.

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