Cabbage Can Heal?

We all know that cabbages are highly nutritious but did you know cabbage has many healing properties and can be used for many different conditions?

Cabbage juice is great for relief of all sorts of ulcers, from Peptic ulcers to skin ulcers. The juice can also be used on burns, bites, cold sores and Acne. The cabbage leaf is both soothing and antiseptic, also having the ability to draw out toxins from the skin.

A poultice can be made from cabbage leaves and used on such conditions as: wounds, burns, boils, bruises, ulcers, Blisters, stings, cold sores, shingles, and Headaches. Cabbage leaves have a good reputation for relieving sore and inflamed breast during breastfeeding. Its Anti-Inflammatory properties make it idea for relief of swollen joints.
The poultice can also be used to help soothe harsh coughs.

To make a cabbage poultice: remove the ribs from the greenest leaves, Soak in warm to hot water to soften the leaves. Crush with a rolling pin, then wrap the area using a bandage or cling wrap to hold the cabbage in place. This can be left for a few hours.

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