Homeopathic Remedy Kit For Childbirth

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Birth 18 Homeopathic Remedy Kit + Homoeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and your baby’s First Year (Large Format Edition)

Accessible information for parents-to-be and midwives covering the homoeopathic treatment of everyday conditions affecting mother and baby during Pregnancy birth and beyond.

Not just a homeopathic reference but also a comprehensive guide to the whole process of Pregnancy, birth and babyhood.

Encouraging and supportive to all parents.

Well received by parents and all in the caring professions.

The Childbirth 18 Remedy Kit includes the following remedies:

Aconite 200 Arnica 200 Bellis Per 200 Calendula 200 Carbo veg 200 Caulophyllum 200 Chamomilla 200 Cimicifuga 200 Gelsemium 200 Hypericum 200 Ipecacuanha 200 Kali Carb 200 Kali Phos 200 Phytolacca 200 Pulsatilla 200 Secale 200 Sepia 200 Staphisagria 200

… with a wonderfully comprehensive, self-prescribing guide in the box.

Learn more about the Birth Pack Remedy Kit.

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