Homeopathic Pet Pack Remedy Kit

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Pet Pack: Basic 36 Homeopathic Remedy Kit + The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals

Our Basic 36 Kit is great for humans, but did you know that the homeopathic medicines in it are also ideal for treating many injuries and common ailments that your pets may suffer? If you have pets why not get our Pet Pack and find out how to help them too? One ailment pets often get is Travel Sickness, so just order our Pet Pack today and with your order we will send you a free bottle of Cocculus, the No.1 Homeopathic Medicine for nausea during motion.

Homeopathy is a powerful and gentle healing modality for pets, and is often more effective than allopathic medicines. To obtain the best results, all aspects of the pet - mental, physical and emotional - must be considered before prescribing a remedy. Homeopathy is used to induce a curative healing in animals as opposed to giving medications that only address specific physical symptoms.

For example, a pet is given steroids to suppress symptoms such as inflammation or itching, but the symptoms return when the drugs are discontinued. With Homeopathy, the symptoms completely subside because Homeopathic Remedies act to have a curative action from deep in the life force.

Homeopathy is effective for all pets including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, cows and horses. You can even treat fish by dropping Homeopathic Remedies into their tanks.

Here are some examples of how Homeopathy can be used to treat your pet. You should keep several remedies on hand and administer them as needed at home (all in the Basic 36 Kit):

Arnica for traumas and overexertion � Carbo vegetabilis for weakness or shock after surgery � Ledum for Insect Bites or stings � Nux vomica for vomiting and Diarrhea or poisoning � Hypericum for animals who have had tooth extractions

Rescue Remedy is useful as well, for sudden stress, trauma, panic or disorientation.

Dosage and Application:

There are two important laws that you need to follow to use Homoeopathic medicines successfully:

THE LAW OF SIMILARS means matching the symptom picture of an illness or injury to the symptom picture of the medicine. To help you do just that, this guide has two distinct sections. Complaints you can treat are described first, followed by a Mini Materia Medica. This describes, briefly, the symptom picture of 36 frequently-needed remedies. Begin by looking up the complaint you want to treat and noting which remedies may help. Next, before prescribing, turn to the Mini Materia Medica and see which description most closely fits the person you are treating.

If you have given two or three doses of a particular remedy without any reaction, it was probably the wrong choice. It won’t have done any harm, but you should try to find a remedy that matches the over-all picture better.

THE LAW OF THE MINIMUM DOSE means using as little of a medicine as possible to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. Give one dose (in this case one small pill) and wait to see what relief it brings. If you have a reaction to the remedy (either an improvement or an aggravation of symptoms) do not take any more medicine. Only repeat the dose if the symptoms stop improving before a full recovery is reached or if the same symptoms return (i.e. the case relapses).

If the symptoms change significantly select a new remedy to fit the new picture. If in any doubt, wait. Giving the body more medicine than it needs will not improve or speed up the action of the medicine, if anything it may stop the medicine from being effective. By using these two laws homoeopathy provides a completely individual prescription and dosage that treats each person’s “dis-ease” as unique to them.

Pillules can be given orally, added to water or diluted in milk. Rescue Remedy can be squirted into the corner of your pet’s mouth or rubbed into an ear.

Here is what is included in your Pet Pack:

A comprehensive Guide to treating small pets and birds homoeopathically - written by the veterinary Dean to the Faculty of Homoeopathy.

It contains an extremely good introduction to the general principles and practice of Homeopathy and gives general indications of treatment across the small animal kingdom (eg: diarrhoea) with specific diseases also being highlighted in individual species such as guinea-pigs cats dogs rabbits chinchillas and so on.

An invaluable reference for veterinary surgeons breeders and owners.

The Basic 36 Remedy Kit includes the following remedies:

Aconite 30 Ant Tart 30 Apis Mel 30 Argent Nit 30 Arnica 30 Arsen Alb 30 Belladonna 30 Bryonia 30 Calc Carb 30 Calendula 30 Cantharis 30 Carbo Veg 30 Chamomilla 30 China 30 Drosera 30 Gelsemium 30 Hepar Sulph 30 Hypericum 30 Ignatia 30 Ipecacuanha 30 Kali Bich 30 Lachesis 30 Ledum 30 Lycopodium 30 Mag Phos 30 Merc Viv 30 Natrum Mur 30 Nux Vomica 30 Phosphorus 30 Pulsatilla 30 Rhus Tox 30 Ruta 30 Sepia 30 Silica 30 Staphisagria 30 Sulphur 30

… with a wonderfully comprehensive, self-prescribing guide in the box.

Learn more about the Pet Pack Remedy Kit.


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