Handy Tips when Shopping for Essential Oils

Are you ready to go out and shop for your favorite scented essential oils? Before you head out the door, make sure you know how to shop. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to shop for essential oils.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that all oils labeled ‘essential’ oils are the same. They are not and if you don’t shop wisely, you may end up with an inferior essential oil. Here are some handy tips to make sure you know what you buy before you spend your hard-earned cash.

See the difference: When shopping for essential oils, remember that not all oils are made, or labeled equally. Perfume oils are not the same as essential oils. Perfume oil will get you a cheaper, inferior version of an essential oil. It is no better than scented water and will give you no therapeutic benefits at all. They might smell nice, but they won’t last long and won’t help you if you are interested in aromatherapy.

Look carefully at the bottle: Even the bottle makes a big difference in the quality of the oils you are buying. Dark colored, brown or amber glass bottles are your best bets, as are lined aluminum bottles. Steer clear of plastic bottles of any color or kind and clear glass bottles. They will not keep your essential oils well and will cause them to deteriorate very fast. In addition, if the bottle has any rubber on it, don’t buy it. Essential oils should not have a rubber stopper of any kind and the lid should not have a rubber seal. Why you might ask? Rubber degrades quickly and can cause your oils to become contaminated.

Do your research: Before you head out and spend your hard earned cash on expensive essential oils, make sure you do your research. There are many kinds of essential oils out there and they all have their own unique healing properties and purposes. There are many great books and even resources online that can help your journey into aromatherapy and essential oils. Make sure you know what you are doing before you make a purchase and you can be sure that your money is well spent.

Know the dangers of essential oils: While essential oils are nature, derived from natural ingredients, they can be dangerous. You should never ingest essential oils and you should keep them away from your pets and infants. It is okay to use the scents in your home, but you never want to allow your pets or baby to swallow the oils. You should also remember that these oils are flammable.

If you use them in your candles or on a heated source, be very carefully. They should never be left unsupervised at any time. Another word of caution – some essential oils have been known to interact with certain prescription medications. If you take prescriptions, make sure the oils you are using are safe. Pregnant women should also be cautious when using essential oils.

Once you know the ins and outs of essential oils, you are well on your way to making informed choices when you shop.

Stay Informed!

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