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Handling Stress in Women: Live your Life to its Fullest (with Video)

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The thin line that divides the role of men and women in a society has gotten blurrier than ever nowadays. Unlike in our grandmother’s generation, women are no longer stuck inside the kitchen, the bedroom, or the convent. They are now out there occupying what used to be the ‘turf’ of men.

Women have proven themselves capable of doing physical labor, taking up logical tasks, and assuming leadership positions among others that used to be stuff that men do. It is even safe to say that most women excel beyond of men in most of these fields.

Despite such equality when it comes to gender roles is the fact that men and women still differ in terms of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs. Consequently, women tend to react on these stimuli in an utterly different fashion as men. Failure to satisfy these needs which lead to stress and fatigue also has varying effects on men and women. Hence, methods for handling stress as a woman is far different from many methods that would be useful for our male counterparts.

There are still similarities, though, when it comes to the importance of meeting human fundamental needs, such as maintaining a sound body. For one, work becomes a lot more stressful when you are not feeling well. Not being able to provide attention to observing a healthy lifestyle is defeating the purpose of career productivity.

It really is not difficult to maintain a balanced diet, reward yourself with at least 7-8 hours of sleep, and commit to a workout that lets you exercise your bodily functions. What you need is a drive to do it for the love of yourself and those who love you and the determination to make it a priority.

But it does not stop with that. A sound body entails a balanced lifestyle. The world shouldn’t revolve around work, especially with women whose daily routine does not end with their 9-5 job. For working mothers, part of their ‘a day in the life” is constant monitoring of her kids in school, making a quick stop in the grocery store, cooking dinner and sending everyone to bed.

Women spend time taking care of everything and everyone, but more often than not, the person they tend to neglect is themselves. A ‘once in a blue moon’ trip to the spa or immersion into yoga won’t hurt. Things like these should be done on a regular basis if you want to reduce the effects of stress. There is more to life than living amidst dungeons of paper work, children’s runny noses,  mountains of errands, and vexing deadlines after all.

At the end of a dead stressful day, what you need is someone to remind you that life outside work and motherhood does exist. Creating meaningful relationships and being able to sustain them serve as your outlet from the worrisome day at work. Going home to a loving family can be like a sweet form of short-term amnesia.

Spending time with friends who constantly reaffirm their support in whatever endeavor you get yourself into can make you feel more alive than ever. No amount of material compensation can provide that very same feeling. Notice how your mood changes the moment you confide all the things that cause your stress and fatigue to your best friend.

Women, in general, are more emotional, sociable and spiritual. Stress in women is caused by these unsatisfied needs. The modern times require everyone to be objective and goal-oriented and that lifestyle prods you to disregard your affections and idealisms that are essentially “woman.”

To save yourself from the disillusionment caused by the frigid world, you have to spend time to express your womanhood and to reflect on how you are living your life to its fullest.

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