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Halloween Costume: Little Old Lady or Little Old Man


You know what’s so great about dressing up for Halloween?  You can be just about anyone you want to be.  Dressing up as a little old lady or little old man are no exceptions.  These costumes are so easy to make.  You just need the help of your parents to accessorize the look.

To dress up as a little old lady, one can utilize an old house dress, a pair of heavy knee-hi stockings, a white wig, glasses, sneakers, a really old-fashioned pocket book, and bobby pins.

Shorten the house dress to fit just below the knee.  Then put on the knee-hi stockings and roll them down a bit.   Sneakers or old shoes would be fine.  If you can find a white wig, it would be perfect.  If not, you can make the child’s hair gray using flour.

The pocket book is perfect for show.  The bobby pins are wonderful as you can make pin curls on your child’s head.  If you have an old hat, add that to the mix as well.  Finally, the eye glasses and voila, a little old lady has been made.

To dress up as a little old man, use dark pants, a dress shirt, vest, and a jacket.  You’ll need a hat as well as a cane.  Use flour on the hair for the graying effect.  Brown shoes would be appropriate, as well as brown or black socks, depending upon the color of the suit.   If you happen to have a pocket watch, you can add that accessory as well.

If you wish to add some additional accessories, you can always have the little old lady push a wagon – the kind used for grocery shopping.  You may also want to have the little old man carry a newspaper under his arm as well.

Have fun creating these costumes.  You certainly have enough to work with.  Look at pictures of your parents or their parents.  Perhaps you may want to dress up your kids in a different period such as the 30s or 40s.  Either way, your entire family will have a great time.

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One Response to Halloween Costume: Little Old Lady or Little Old Man

  1. Courtney October 20, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    I think those are great ideas.I have some too.I sewed a pillowcase with two soccer balls to the inside of a housecoat/bathrobe.I took a metal pole and tied a plastic baggie filled with water to the top.then I put “wheels” on the bottom.(soda cans painted black,cut in half and wired to the pole)Then I took a clear little hose and taped it to the baggie and my wrist.IV drip!I put on slippers,put my hair in a bun and put flour in it,hunched over,and bingo,old lady!

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