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Grow Herbs Inside – Tips


Growing herbs inside presents unique challenges, but it isn’t always complicated. The keys to successful herb growing inside are light, soil and water – just like out of doors gardening!

Here’s some advice on the way to make the most sensible use of these elements in growing herbs inside.


The very first thing you’ll need to grow herbs inside are boxes. Some sources say terra cotta pots are best as they permit air to get into the soil; others say to avoid them because they permit the soil to dry out.

A method to untangle this quandary is to think about how much you’re going to water your herbs.

If you’re home regularly and will likely be watering regularly, terra cotta boxes are a good selection. If you can not water often, you could select plastic, ceramic, or glass boxes. Also, herbs that like dry soil might do best in terra cotta.

Herbs are typically not so demanding about the container material, but they do have a tendency to like crowded roots. So do not feel tempted to use overly-large boxes. You may use creative or novel boxes. Raid your recycle waste bin and look for cans, plastic boxes, and so on.

All boxes should have satisfactory drainage holes. You should additionally have a tray or saucer to catch the water as it drains and runs off.

Kinds of Herbs

Some kinds of herbs grow better inside than others. These are some of the ones that have a tendency to do well within:

* Oregano
* Lemon Balm
* Thyme
* Mints ( most kinds )
* Lemongrass
* Chives
* Parsley


In general, commercial potting soil will do well for most herbs. Do not make the blunder of digging up outside soil and placing it in pots – it isn’t built to be in boxes, and the drainage won’t be efficient.

The exception is lemongrass, which can on occasion be grown in water alone.

Light and Location

Ideally, place your herbs as near to an eastern window as you can – the nearer to the glass, the more light the herbs will get. South-eastern and western daylight might also work, but north light is considered too poor for most herbs.

Mints and parsley can occasionally do well on lower light. Your herbs will need anywhere from 3 to 6 hours of daylight a day. If you are unable to manage this, give some thought to installing grow lights.

Some sources suggest putting these on timers so that your herbs will get their required light a couple of hours before dawn.


Watering needs vary among herbs. Mediterranean herbs like thyme and oregano don’t want as much water as lemon relief and chives, as an example.

Also, watering wants change as the season changes – as an example, if you have electrical indoor heat, it has a tendency to dry out the indoor air seriously, upping the requirement for water. A good guideline is to bump your finger about an inch into the soil to determine if it feels dry.

Most herbs like soil that’s wet much of the time. Humidity is another area of moisture upkeep. It’s a very good idea to keep a spray bottle of water convenient to spritz your herbs many times each day in dry weather.

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