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Mind and Spirit »

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There are many myths and facts about depression and the medications that treat it. Often people dont take the time to check out the difference between a myth and a fact but accept what they are told. This acceptance of myth significantly affects the way that depression and other mental health disorders are viewed by the public.

Learning the facts about depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts will help to change the way that you view this very real mental health issue.

One myth about depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts is that depression only happens when something bad happens in your life such as a divorce, death or loss of a job. The facts are that depression can happen even when everything is going well. Depression can be set off by stress or life events but it can also be biochemical in nature. In other words depression can be associated with a change in the chemical balance of your body, which affects your brain chemistry inducing depression.

Herbs For Health »

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Relaxing CD soothes mom and baby

Rocking Chair Relaxation CD for Mom & BabyThis especially composed CD was commissioned by our Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse, and contains purely instrumental music. At the time of recording, the musician was about to become a first time father, and so this CD is very special for him as well! The music on the CD has been composed with the right combination of new sounds and repetitive melodies that will stimulate your baby’s development while at the same time being completely relaxing and soothing to the soul.

A Track Record of Quality

Native Remedies is the market-leading brand of natural remedies specially formulated to offer a complete solution for holistic wellness! Founded in 2002, they currently have more than 500,000 customers worldwide and offer more than 250 herbal and homeopathic remedies for adults, children and even pets. Native Remedies’ goal is to help their customers create complete balance in their bodies by bridging the link between their psychological and physical well-being. The Native Remedies‘ product line is made up of proven homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, tissue salts and flower essences all formulated to combat physical, emotional or psychological health problems and restore balance in the body -they are safe, effective, and guaranteed to bring you relief!

Skin Care, Ailments »

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Angioedema The Skin Disorder That WeltsAngioedema is a skin condition that involves swelling in both the tissue and mucous membranes. It occurs in much the same way as hives except not on the skin surface. Rather, the welts develop underneath the top layer of skin in the soft tissues. This skin condition typically shows up in the face, feet, hands and genital areas.

Allergies are the leading cause for angioedema. When an allergic reaction occurs certain histamines mix with the blood and then the welts begin to develop. It is not uncommon for the cause of angioedema to not be identified. Many different types of allergic reactions can cause it to occur.

Things that have been known to cause angioedema are allergy shots, cold, sunlight, stress, PMS and pregnancy. It is also possible to inherit this disorder. The type of angioedema that is inherited is a problem in the genes that cause proteins in the blood to function abnormally. Without these proteins working right the immune system is not regulated properly.

Healthy Mouth, Teeth »

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Many people suffer from bad breath and some dont know it! You may not be aware that some medications, that you could have been taking for years, actually contributes to bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth.

One of those medications Norvasc bad breath is an antihypertensive medication, or a medication used to treat high blood pressure and angina. According to a recent study on prescription medications, 7 out of 10 will list dry mouth, bad breath or taste disorder as a side effect.

Sufferers from high blood pressure and angina find that Norvasc bad breath is a side effect they may be willing to live with considering that this particular antihypertensive is one of the most popular prescribed. This popularity is based on the low side effect profile and the number of studies which have proven its effectiveness. Problems with Norvasc bad breath are related to the dry mouth that is the side effect of the medication. Before considering changing medications try some effective measures to get rid of the dry mouth, and therefore the bad breath.

Health and Vitality »

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What are Diuretics?

The term diuretic refers to any substance that helps to rid the body of excess body fluids and salts through urination. These can take the form of prescription or over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic and herbal remedies or certain foods with diuretic qualities that promote urine formation.

Whatever the source, diuretics help to prevent or treat a number of conditions including fluid retention (edema), high blood pressure, and glaucoma.

How do Diuretics Work?

Diuretics work by making your kidneys excrete more sodium in the urine. The body then tries to balance out this increased amount of sodium concentration, by adding more water to the urine from the blood stream during the process of urine formation.

By expelling the excess water in the urine there is now a decreased amount of fluid flowing through the blood vessels and pressure on the walls of the arteries is reduced.

What are the Benefits of Diuretics?

Pregnancy, Birth »

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Your body goes through changes when you become pregnant. As your baby grows inside your belly, it also has to make room inside of you. This can affect your digestion.

Pregnant women can experience quite a few digestive issues as they progress through pregnancy. Here are just a few that you may or may not be aware of.

* Morning sickness – It’s a combination of nausea and vomiting that happens to many women during the first trimester of pregnancy. It usually occurs in the morning and can be triggered by smells, eating certain foods or just getting out of bed and letting your feet hit the floor. By the second trimester, the morning sickness has passed for most.

To help manage your morning sickness, try eating a small amount of food to settle your stomach, like saltine crackers and water. Also get moving. Exercise can help you to combat the nausea.

Mind and Spirit »

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You’ve probably heard the old song “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.” Not only does your heart take a beating but so can your self-esteem. Here are some practical ways of rebuilding your self-esteem after a break-up.

Self-esteem is how you think of yourself with respect to those people around you. If you think well about yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to. However, if you have no self-esteem, you’ll be lucky if you can accomplish anything. After a break-up you want to rebuild your self-esteem as quickly as possible.

Any break-up can wreck havoc on how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you were the one who broke things off or if the other person did – the pain and sense of defeat can be mind-numbing. But you can’t dwell on what’s happened if you want to move forward.

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