Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green!

Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green!

Green cooking concerns more than the color of your foods. Genuine green cooking covers your selection of foods and how they’re cooked.

What on earth is Green Cooking?

Well, we’re not referring to green cookware, nor are we talking about cooking green vegetables (although, these are very good for you!)

Green cooking concerns more than the color of your foods. Genuine green cooking covers your selection of foods and how they’re cooked.

Here are a few green cooking ideas for greening your culinary endeavors.

Green Cooking Cookware

1. Pick out long-lasting materials to cut down on waste, like cast iron.

2. Purchase secondhand cookware at your local antique store, garage sale, or second-hand shop. Make certain, however, that pots and pans aren’t warped, as this might effect heat conduction.

3. Make certain you use a pot on the right-sized kitchen range eye. Using an excessively small pot on a big burner (or vise versa) wastes heat and energy.

4. Pick out utensils that are constructed from sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Avoid plastic. Utensils and flatware are likewise abundant at antique shops and garage sales.

5. Select cookware constructed from alloys that transmit heat well: copper, cast iron, aluminum (use anodized aluminum if you have health concerns).

Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green! 6. Avoid Teflon and non-stick coated pans; toxic chemicals called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are utilized in the finish.

7. Purchase cookware with an environmentally friendly, non-stick coating, like enamelware, anodized aluminum, or by a modern process called nanotechnology. Also, seasoning your iron and washing it properly (no soap) will produce a natural, non-stick coating.

8. Stainless steel isn’t a very good conductor of heat, but it’s recyclable.

Green Cooking Energy Use

1. If possible, upgrade to a convection oven, which cooks food far quicker than a conventional oven.

2. Utilize a pressure cooker to cut back on cooking time. Whole grains may be cooked in half the time, and meats may be cooked with the “all day tender” taste and texture in under an hour.

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3. Utilize a slow cooker on low for long-term cooking. It uses less energy than baking something in an oven for hours.

4. Cook outdoors. And as you’re out there cooking, switch off the heat or air conditioner in the house!

5. Utilize residual heat. This works particularly well for preparing greens and steaming veggies. Cover the pot tightly, bring the water to the boiling point and then switch off the burner, leaving the pot on the burner. The veggies will continue to cook with the residual heat.

6. Cover your pots and pans to diminish cooking time. This is particularly true when boiling water.

Green Cooking Food

1. Purchase local food. It requires less gasoline to get local food to the grocery, and such produce isn’t likely to be sprayed with preservatives or other chemicals applied for long transportation.

2. Cut and chop up foods into little pieces prior to cooking; they will cook a great deal faster.

3. Cook foods at the same time to cut back on the total time you’re using your kitchen range.

4. Limit the trips to the fridge. Think through what you need to get out of the refrigerator and acquire it in a single trip. It is worth it to hold the refrigerator door open a couple minutes longer to acquire all that you need to prevent opening and closing the refrigerator door dozens of times.

Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green! 5. Purchase organic foods, which are better for the environment for so many reasons. Not only are organic foods free of man-made agrichemicals, they’re also an element of sustainable agriculture, assuring productive farms for the future.

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