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Greater Goldenseal Salve


An antiseptic salve that aids in speedy healing and helps to prevent scarring. Use on minor cuts and other skin problems.


– 2 stainless steel 1/2 quart pans or 1 cup size.
– 10 one ounce tins.
– 1/8 oz Goldenseal Root Powder
– 1/4 oz Asian Yellow Ginger Powder (Absolutely Necessary)
– 10 fresh crushed cloves
– 1/4 oz powdered myrrh
– 1 oz Olive Oil
– 1/8 oz powdered Comfrey Leaf
– 8 to 10 oz. petroleum jelly or Beeswax

Place oil in pan and set on very low heat. When it’s near hot-add goldenseal. Stir well then add cloves. Continue stirring. Let the mixture set on very low heat for 5 minutes. Place petroleum jelly in a second pan and heat it at medium until hot (but not close to smoking). (A drop of water will pop and spatter across the surface when ready.)

When hot – add myrrh. Stir well (remember to check on first pan-it shouldn’t cool too much). Let myrrh heat in very hot oil for 10 minutes or longer (preferably15 to 20) at low heat. Add ginger. Let heat for 5 minutes and add comfrey leaf powder. Stir well.

Add oil from first pan to the second. Stir and strain the entire mixture into either the first pan or another container. Now you are ready to fill your tins.

Salve will set up and be ready to use in a couple of days.

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