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Great Homemade Gift Ideas for a $10 or Less Budget


gift ideasDid you know that you can give amazing gifts this year even if you have a very tight budget. Often the quality of a gift isn’t how much you spent on it but actually the thought and attention put into the gift.

Even if your budget is $10 or less, you can give personal, wonderful holiday gifts this year. These homemade gift ideas can help get you started.

#1 Food Homemade Gift Ideas

Everyone loves food and this makes food one of the best homemade gift ideas. You can create wonderful, personal gifts, by giving the gift of food. One of the easiest and most delicious ways to give the gift of food is to put together a recipe kit. For example, if your friend or family member loves chili you can layer the ingredients, from dried beans to spices, in a jar. Attach the recipe on the outside of the jar with a lovely ribbon and deliver with love. You can do the same thing with bread, desserts, cookies and other soups.

You can also bake or make the food yourself and deliver it in a lovely container. Imagine how happy you’d be to receive a loaf or two of your favorite bread or a few dozen of your favorite cookies. Yum!

#2 Sew it Up Homemade Gift Ideas

If you sew then you’re leaps and bounds ahead of other gift givers. If you knit, crochet, or embroider then you can give great gifts like hats, gloves, blankets and even sweaters and scarves. You can personalize pillows, monogram towels and make clothing that your loved ones will wear with pride. The key to giving a hand sewn item is to plan ahead. The last thing you need is to stay away the night before a get together to finish up a gift

#3 Artistic Handiwork Gift Ideas

Do you have an artistic streak? Use it to create handmade items. Jewelry, paintings and drawings, decorative tiles, and even fragrances can be made. You can also indulge your DIY attitude and enjoy giving homemade soaps, bath and body products, candles, sachets, and aromatherapy items. These types of gifts are among the most treasured homemade gift ideas for the holidays.

And if you’re skilled with woodwork you can create organizers, bird houses, decorative picture frames and other personalized gifts. You might create a planter for a loved one with a green thumb or a jewelry box for the women in your life.

It you have the ability to make something yourself then a ten dollar budget is an easy limit to explore some terrific homemade gift ideas. Explore your talents and skills. Embrace the unique personality of each recipient and create a personalized gift they’ll love.

How about ‘green’ gift ideas?

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