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Great Gift Ideas for a $25 or Less Budget


gift ideasGetting ready for the holidays? Before you head out to the stores or hop online to do a little internet shopping sit down and create a budget. Decide how much you have to spend on each person. This simple step will help make coming up with gift ideas and you holiday shopping much easier. And it’s always good to stick with your budget during the holidays.

Here are some great gift ideas under $25 to help you get your holiday shopping started:

Gourmet Food Gift Ideas

Everyone loves to eat and buying food is a surefire way to gift giving success. Consider giving gourmet coffee or tea along with a mug or accessories for adults who enjoy hot beverages. For people who appreciate fine wine you can buy a nice bottle of wine or champagne for them.

Chocolate lovers are even easier to appease with terrific and inexpensive gift ideas. You can find amazing gourmet chocolates for this price point. Baked goods are always nice gift ideas too. If you want to add a personal touch to your gourmet food gifts, package them in personal way. For example, if your friend loves chocolate and the Dallas Cowboys then you can buy a Dallas Cowboy tin or gift bag and deliver the chocolates inside.

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Gift ideas for pet lovers are just plain fun. You can find monogrammed pet beds online. Or you can buy a regular pet bed and monogram it yourself. You can also buy or make fancy pet treats, give the gift of pet clothing or have a photo taken of the pet and enhanced.

Green Thumb Gift Ideas

If your friend or loved one is a plant lover consider giving the gift of a windowsill herbal garden or a small bonsai tree. You can make the windowsill herb garden yourself. You can also deliver bulbs, gardening tools and a tote to your plant loving recipient.

Winter Fun Gift Ideas

For the children, everyone should consider giving the gift of winter fun. You can find great old fashioned sleds for less than $25. You can give a snow man kit to your friend or consider giving the gift of igloo making or snowball making devices. And don’t forget the fun hats and gloves you can purchase to help folks stay warm while they’re enjoying the cold weather.

A budget of $25 or less is a very reasonable and workable budget for many holiday gift ideas. It provides you with an abundance of freedom to get creative with your gift ideas. Holiday gifts can be partially home made to add a personal touch and store bought items make gift giving easier. Enjoy shopping, stick to your budget and happy holidays!

Consider Green Gift Ideas this Holiday Season!

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