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How to Go Gluten Free without Losing Out On Flavor

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How to Go Gluten Free without Losing Out On FlavorMany families these days are selecting to go gluten free. It might be daunting, however, to think about abandoning all those wheat-based cereals, crackers, cookies, and breads we so enjoy. But gluten-free cooking can be really flavoursome, and there are whole aisles in some natural food stores and grocery stores dedicated to gluten-free foods. Here are a few pointers on going gluten free without sacrificing flavor.


If you’re going to be making your own gluten-free foods, you’ll need to work without wheat flour. Again, this doesn’t mean bland and tasteless. Beans and nuts may be ground into flour, as can alternative grains like rice. You will be able to likewise buy pre-ground, gluten-free flours. Here is a partial list of grains you are able to consume on a gluten-free diet:

* Buckwheat
* Corn
* Amaranth
* Quinoa
* Millet
* Oats (see Quick Tip #3 below)
* Teff

There are also non-grain-based flours created from nuts, beans, potatoes, seeds (like flax seeds), and even tapioca.


Yes, you are able to bake gluten-free bread. Look for a comprehensive, gluten-free bread cookbook and experiment. You are able to likewise bake flat breads that are gluten free using almond flour, flax meal, and/or rice flour. Some gluten-free recipes contain a big number of eggs to make the breads pliable and puffy.


You might be able to make gluten-free adjustments to your favorite recipes. If you have a favorite pasta dish, you will be able to purchase gluten-free pastas created from rice or buckwheat flour. If your favorite sauce contains gluten, see if you are able to get rid of the culprit and replace it with something else. But many sauces don’t contain gluten; most likely you will merely be replacing the pasta.

Sweet Treats

A few quick ideas for sweet treats that are gluten free include meringues cookies, home-baked fudge, fruit and yogurt, and cakes, brownies and cookies created with alternative flours. There are gluten-free cake and brownie recipes that actually use pureed, cooked beans like garbanzos or black beans.

Quick Tips

1. Any foods that are battered or breaded had better be avoided. You might not realize that pan-sautéed or grilled chicken or fish might have been coated with wheat flour.

2. Wheat and its variations can be listed in ingredient lists as kamut, cake flour, matzo flour, bran, graham flour, durum, semolina, and farina.

3. Oats don’t naturally contain gluten, but store-bought oats frequently contain wheat due to the way they’re processed or handled. Oats labeled “gluten free” are alright.

4. A few grains that contain gluten that you might have thought of are rye and barley.

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