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Giving Personalized Oil Blends as Gifts


If you have simply run out of gift ideas for your mom, sister, co-workers or best friend, then good news! Look no further than great aromatherapy gifts! Even if your friends and family have never tried essential oils or aromatherapy, they can certainly appreciate a nice personalized blend of your favorite scents and smells.

Types of gifts you can give: You can give so many different types of essential oils gifts and you will never get tired of coming up with great gift ideas. Aromatherapy gifts are very popular and they are relatively easy to find and inexpensive. They are gifts that are truly appreciated. In addition, you can dress up the gift and present a nice looking package that will impress.

Bath salts and other scented bath products: Everyone can appreciate bath salts. Who wouldnt want to sink down in a hot tub of scented water after a long stressful day? Scented bath salts can even work in jetted tubs, where many bubble baths and oils cannot. Look for lavender and vanilla for a relaxing scent or look for masculine scents for the guys. Make a whole bath gift basket and add a few handmade soaps, shower gel and even scrubs. Put the final touches on the basket by adding a nice loofah sponge or a body scrubber and you have a complete gift for anyone on your list.

Essential oil and a diffuser: Even if the person on your list has never tried using aromatherapy, then you can get them started. It doesnt take much to get people interested in this practice. Go shopping for a good bottle of essential oil and a decorative diffuser. Perhaps they need a little help getting started. Head off to your bookstore and pick up an easy to follow aromatherapy book to complete the gift.

Candle and essential oil: Great scented candles make with good oils are always an appreciated gift. Dont buy the first candles you see. If you want to give a highly scented and effective candle, then make your own or purchase good ones. You can also give them a bottle of your favorite essential oil and a candle and tell them how to get the maximum effect by adding the oil to the melted wax. Add a nice candle lighter and a candle extinguisher.

A gift card: Not sure if they will like any of this stuff? You simply cant go wrong with letting the recipient buy their own aromatherapy products. Find a store that has a good selection or an online store and purchase a gift card. Of course, you can also give a gift card to a spa or aromatherapy treatment center. This will always go over well with your friend, family and co-workers. They can get a luxurious massage using popular essential oils. This is truly appreciated and will show your friends how much you care.

There are many great aromatherapy gifts that you can give. Look around for the best selection and have fun shopping and giving.

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