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Get Your Body Ready for Childbirth

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Get your body ready for childbirthThe history of herb usage in pregnancy

As you enter the last few weeks before your due date you may begin to feel apprehensive about the impending birth even though you are excited and looking forward to meeting the new addition to your family. Nervousness about labor and birth is completely normal for all expecting mothers but can often be more pronounced if this is your first child.

Long before the advent of hospitals and modern allopathic medicine, certain herbs were used to safely prepare the mother for birth. Knowledge of these herbs was handed down from generation to generation and each community had its own midwives who were skilled in the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth.

The ancient wisdom of the use of herbalism in childbirth has been largely lost in Western society and although modern medicine has helped to eliminate some of the problems associated with childbirth, it has brought its own problems too.

Modern day pregnancy and propartum drops

In modern hospitals, pregnancy and childbirth are often seen as medical ‘conditions’ to be managed almost like illnesses rather than as normal, healthy processes that are part of everyday life.

There are more and more women who are turning away from the medical approach to birth and choosing to give birth naturally. This has resulted in a renewed interest in herbs traditionally used during childbirth.

Propartum Drops contain specially chosen herbs that are known for their ability to prepare and tone the uterus for birth and calm the mother-to-be, resulting in a shorter and safer birth.

Use NaturalEcos Propartum Drops to:

* Prepare the uterus for labor and birth
* Allay anxiety and fear about the delivery
* Prevent complications of birth naturally
* Improve the physical and mental endurance necessary for labor
* Facilitate an easy, positive childbirth experience

Propartum Drops contain the following proven ingredients:

Squaw Vine (Mitchella repens) is an herbal remedy known to be very effective in preparing the body for a safe labor and birth. Native Americans have used this plant to facilitate childbirth for many centuries. This herb improves contractions for an easier and shorter labor, decreases pain and calms nervousness.

Raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus) are known to be an excellent herbal supplement for pregnant women, especially those who are nearing the very end of their pregnancy. This herb improves the tone of the uterine ligaments, optimizes the health of mother and growing baby, prevents premature birth and facilitates labor and delivery. Raspberry leaves will also help to prevent swelling and bleeding after the birth.

Passiflora incarnata also called Passion Flower – is used as a natural sedative and can relieve anxiety and nervousness as well as pain experienced during labor. Passiflora will help reduce fear about the impending birth and is also valuable for its balancing effects on blood pressure.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb and an excellent tonic for the uterus and for stimulation of contractions. It can increase endurance and vitality necessary for the labor process and is very useful for combating stress. In traditional use, licorice root tea has been used successfully for reducing fever during childbirth and aiding the easy delivery of the newborn as well as the placenta.


‘As much as I wanted a child I had put off getting pregnant for years due to fear of pregnancy and childbirth and doubts about whether I would cope! When I finally did get pregnant (by mistake!) I realized that I had to prepare for labor and birth in a positive and pro-active way and take measures to overcome my fears. I joined a group for pregnant women which was very helpful and I found great support in speaking to others going through the same things that I was experiencing. One of the friends I met in this group who was pregnant for the third time suggested your Propartum Drops to me when she heard about my anxiety. I took them for the three weeks before my due date and found myself feeling calmer and more in control. When I went into labor I was a lot more relaxed than I could have ever imagined I would be and the whole process went really smoothly. I now have the most beautiful baby boy to show for my pregnancy and I can’t imagine how I would have done it without your wonder-drops! Thank you so much Natural Eco!’ Proud new mom, Helena G.

‘I want to let you know how much I love your products and especially want to mention the Propartum Drops which I think helped me the most. My first childbirth was a harrowing experience and something that I vowed I would never go through again. Because we were desperate for a second child as well as the fact that time fades memories and so many women told me how much better the second labor is compared to the first, I changed my mind and got pregnant again. I took a number of your remedies through my pregnancy and loved all of them. The Propartum Drops have a special place in my heart though due to their amazing effectiveness at reducing my anxiety and helping me get through the delivery with very little pain and without any hitches.’ Gina, IL.

How do I use Propartum Drops?

Add approximately � cup just boiled water to 15 drops of tincture and allow to cool. Drink as is or diluted in juice or water. Use three times daily during the last two to three weeks of pregnancy.

Note: Propartum Drops are for use during the last 2-3 weeks before due date only and should be used under the supervision of a doctor, homeopath, naturopath, midwife or doula.

What else can help?

Prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the birth by reading books on childbirth, joining a support group for pregnant women, speaking to other mothers or even your own mother or mother-in-law.

Take good care of yourself in the form of a balanced diet, getting enough rest, relieving stress, meditating and talking with your partner about the future. This will be invaluable in preparing yourself for labor, birth and parenthood.

Organize a birth plan including the place you would like to deliver (e.g. home, birthing center or hospital), who should be present and your preferences of medical interventions in different circumstances.

A supportive environment at the birth has been shown to be one of the most important factors in the speed of delivery and how much pain the mother feels. Think carefully about who you would like to have present at the birth for support and consider a trained doula or birthing assistant.

Propartum Drops are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Propartum Drops are backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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