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Get Down: 68 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure – Part 1

[21 May 2009 | 2 Comments | 13 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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1. Watch Your Weight: In overweight people, a 10 percent reduction in total body weight will sometimes normalize blood pressure.

2. Get Physical: Go for a brisk 30-minute walk 6 days a week.

3. Meditate: A new study shows it works for teens too.

4. Try Yoga: It reduces stress and strengthens the mind and body.

5. Butt Out: All forms of tobacco dramatically raise blood pressure.

6. Shake Off Salt: And sodium-rich foods such as soy sauce and canned soups.

7. Leave the Bar: 1-2 drinks a day is OK–even stress-relieving- -but more can cause health problems.

8. Check Your Blood: Have cholesterol and triglycerides checked regularly.

9. Reject Refined Foods: Shun the sally, sugary, pre-made, preserved, fried and fatty.

10. Swear Off Sodas: Soft drinks can deplete potassium (see No. 20).

11. Find Fiber: Think veggies and whole grains.

12. Forgo Fat: Choose white fish and skinless chicken and turkey. Skip cheese, bacon, red meat, gravy and desserts.

13. Toss the Trans Fats: These are a greater risk than even saturated fats.

14. Howl for Whole Oats: Eaten daily, oats lower hypertension.

15. Try L-Carnitine: Another amino acid, also found in protein.

16. DASH Your Diet: DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is high in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, and it’s low in fat.

17. Defeat Diabetes: Those who control their condition reduce risk.

18. Compute Your Body Mass Index: Multiply your weight in pounds by 703; then divide by your height in inches; then again divide by your height in inches. Try to stay between 18.5 and 24.9.

19. Mull Over a Multi: A daily multivitamin ensures that you’re getting the basics.

20. Prefer Potassium: This crucial mineral is found in many fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, fish and supplements.

21. Make It Magnesium: It’s in leafy greens, legumes, whole grains and supplements.

22. Value Vit. C: The less vit. C in the blood, the higher the blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

23. Boost Bioflavonoids: Available in fruits, vegetables and supplements, bioflavonoids enhance vit. C’s effect.

24. Embrace Vit. E: Evidence suggests that vit. E also magnifies vit. C’s blood pressure-lowering effect.

25. Get Milk: Patients seldom drink enough milk–and they are usually low on calcium. Broccoli, spinach, tofu, goat milk and calcium supplements are alternatives.

26. Pick Pycnogenol: French maritime pine bark extract lowered blood pressure in a Chinese study, which was reported in the January 2, 2004 issue of Life Sciences.

27. Fish for Omega-3s: Stress essential fatty acid-containing foods or supplements of fish oil, flaxseed oil and primrose oil.

28. Queue Up for Coenzyme Q10: Patients are often deficient in ubiquinone. Aside from supplements, organ meats are the richest sources.

29. Seize the Soy: Studies suggest that the isoflavones in soy, tofu, tempeh and miso make arterial walls more elastic.

30. Think Zinc: Zinc may reverse this condition that has been caused by too much cadmium.

31. Have Some Hawthorn: An enzyme that can cause arteries to constrict is blocked by this berry.

32. Look for Linden: This blossom is often combined with hawthorn for blood pressure.

33. Target Taurine: This amino acid–available in protein and as a supplement– balances sodium and potassium in the blood, lowering blood pressure.

34. Crave Carrot Juice: Studies show it cleans arteries.

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  • Get down: 68 natural ways to lower blood pressure . said:

    [...] Get down: 68 natural ways to lower blood pressure Charisse wrote: [...]

    • Michael said:

      Noticing your reference to Tai Chi as proponents performing “rituals”, I take exception.

      No longer an active Tai Chi practitioner (although I was for a number of years in the 70′s) the movements are not rituals. With the right instruction, these movements have many benefits and are appropriate for all ages including the aging or those who are weak.

      Qigong and Internal Kung Fu: An Important Category You Omitted

      Another method that is very effective for many aspects of ‘natural balance and health’ is internal qigong or internal kung fu combined with qigong.

      Speaking from 19 years of personal experience, there are a large number of benefits and these practices are completely natural. Improved overall health is a by product of the internal awareness created by the exercises coupled with activating the bio energetic patterns of the body and balancing them.

      I’ve seen many students claim that these systems are not effective or efficacious, but in my experience the very same students are the one who do not practice regularly.

      I am living testimony of their effectiveness

      The greatest draw back to this category is finding a qualified and competent master. There are many ‘experts’ who lack the ability they lay claim to. And having ability and teaching it effectively are often two separate capabilities.

      Combined with healthy food choices, herbs and supplementation, increased energy and vitality are consistent by products.

      Rituals, they are not.

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    Enrich your life and the lives of others by learning Aromatherapy, Reflexology or Color/Crystal Therapy at the Alternative Healing Academy! Convenient and easy-to-handle payment plans are available!

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